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     It is Day 1 of the Jamboree, arrival day! A city of nearly 40,000 Boy Scouts, adult leaders, and staff would be formed within several hours. The city would be divided into 20 divisions called subcamps. Each subcamp had its own staff, headquarters, and meal facilities.
     Troops 1417 and 1418 were stationed in Subcamp 14, which was out in the middle of nowhere. Anything we wished to visit or participate in was at least a mile from our camp so we got a lot of excercise walking during the next ten days. Did we complain? Not much. After all, Subcamp 14 was ringed by trees and was quiet during the day and evening. It was a great place to be camping.

We arrive at Fort A.P. Hill in Virginia. There was a sense of relieve that we made it.

We were one of the first troops to arrive in Subcamp 14 and thus drove right into our site.

Scoutmaster of Troop 1417, Steve B. kept an eye on things as camp was prepared.

The first order of business was to unload the gear from the bus. It was a lot of stuff. This is called organized chaos.

A view of camp being erected. We used moveable car ports as our dining flies and they worked quite well.

The tents are up, the temperature is hot, and the humudity is high. Just another day at the jamboree.

Once the tents were up we began work on setting up our gateway entrance. Who's got the screwdriver?

The gateway would be shared by Troop 1417 and Troop 1418 from the Central Minnesota Council.

Right now, we are alone in our area. Within the next couple of hours hundreds of scouts would be moving in around us.

Carl and John were assistant scoutmasters of Troop 1418. Doesn't Carl have nice ponytails?

The subcamps fill up as troops arrive during the day. By the evening there would be 30,000 Scouts in the jamboree.

Troop 1417's junior leaders have a quick meeting with the Scouts before the Scouts scatter to start exploring.

This is the finished gateway of Troops 1417 and 1418. The gateway was painted by Scouts during 4 meetings in June.

Subcamp 10, near the central of the jamboree, was quite large, and was next to Subcamps 11 and 12.

The entrance to the pioneering area was quite impressive. It looked like it took some time to put this station together.

These pictures belong to Steve Borgerding. Please ask for permission before using them.
He can be reached through this web site.

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