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     Troops 1417 and 1418 spent two days touring Washington DC before arriving at the Jamboree. Two days is not enough time to see it all, but it is enough time to see enough to make you want to come back some day when you have more time. We also had the opportunity to spend a few hours at Mount Vernon, George Washington's estate.
     The pictures on this page are just a few taken during the first and second day of our tour around Washington DC.

The Marine's Iwo Jima memorial was much bigger then we thought it would be.

We discovered that there was a memorial to the Boy Scouts while in Washington DC.

We stopped by the White House, but the President was not home so we did not get to visit with him.

The Korean War Memorial had a wall with ghost images of all the Americans who died in the war.

The Korean War Memorial also had a number of large statues depicting soldiers marching through a field.

Two Scouts from Troop 1417 pose in front of the Lincoln Memorial with the National Mall behind them.

It was great to finally see the Lincoln Memorial up close. Lincoln's most famous quotes are also part of the memorial.

The members of Troop 1417 took the opportunity to have a group picture taken in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

We have all heard so much about the Vietnam War Wall so it was interesting to finally see it for ourselves.

One member of Troop 1417 found the name of a relative who died during the Vietnam War.

Subways are not part of life in Minnesota so it was interesting to take a short ride on one.

A Scout is reverent. We held a service outside of the student hall we stayed in while at the University of Maryland.

We stayed for two night at Easton Hall at the University of Maryland. The Scouts received a preview of what dorm life will be like.

Mount Vernon is where George Washington lived for many years. We learned quite about his life while we were here.

This is the back of Mount Vernon which overlooked the Patomic River. We discovered that George was a very intelligent man.

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