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     Troops 1417 and 1418 spent two days touring Washington DC before arriving at the Jamboree. Two days is not enough time to see it all, but it is enough time to see enough to make you want to come back some day when you have more time.
     The pictures on this page are just a few taken of the first half of the first day in Washington DC.

The crews have arrived and look around as they get off the buses in downtown DC.

Members of Troop 1417 pose for a quick shot before going into this building for lunch.

This was the first building we visited in DC and we were awed by the size of the place.

At one end of the National Mall is the Capital. It was awesome seeing this in real life.

Of course, the guys from Melrose Troop 68 just had to have their picture taken.

Troop 1417's SPL, scribe, and ASPL relax while waiting to get the troop picture taken.

The photographer finally arrived so it was time to take the "official" DC group picture.

The Capital is huge! It is bigger in real life then it seems on television or movies.

The Scouts look over the National Mall from the walk way around the capital.

Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to tour the inside of the Capital. Maybe next time...

Our tour guide was very informative and gave us great information about our tour stops.

It really makes a person stop and think when you see all the graves at the Arlington Cemetery.

There is a memorial for the Space Shuttle Challenger crew in the Arlington Cemetery.

The tomb of the Unknown Soldier is a must stop on the tour. It was very impressive.

The SPL and ASPL from Troops 1417 and 1418 participated in a wreath changing ceremony.

The Scouts changed the wreathes and then paused for a moment of silence.

The wreath changing was quite an experience and one the Scouts would not soon forget.

The Scoutmaster of Troop 1417 (and Melrose Troop 68) paused near President Kennedy's grave.

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