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Another Venture To Hell…Mans

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 21, 2009 4:35 pm    Post subject: Another Venture To Hell…Mans Reply with quote

This game was played on March 13, 2009. I wrote this in less then 15 minutes so I'm guessing there's typos and mistakes but it's something.

Another Venture To Hell…Mans

It was about that time again. The time when I meet up with Zomb and Lucky and we decide to defeat anything within the dungeon known as Hellman’s Keep. We are all confident that we’ll find something worth our time eventually but I’ll spoil the surprise now and tell you that this was not that time.
We had heard word through the grapevine that Urza and Lytle were up to another adventure so we decided we’d pick them up at Pleasantville and go on our way, with 5 strong men. It was at the last minute that our group thought of bringing some of the younger guild members along to give them some experience outside of Givemea. So it was settled. Along with Lucky, Zomb, and I was another cleric and fighter. I had met both before but a man in such high esteem such as myself can’t be expected to remember their names so I’ll just refer to them as young cleric and young fighter. We would of course pick Oswald up in Pleasantville since he was there watching our other guild hall.
I actually don’t remember much about the trip to Pleasantville at all; it feels like it just happened instantly. I’m sure nothing of importance went on.
Once there we picked up the others and as a group of 8 continued towards Minta. This is one of the largest groups I’ve ever gone adventuring with and I was a little bit nervous about how things would turn out. I wasn’t scared at all of losing in battle, no of course not, but more of splitting up the treasure so many times. Ah, time would only tell.
We all voted to have Lucky be the group leader as to avoid confusion. This was largely because of my influence. I have trusted Lucky many times in the past to lead me well and would do so again this time.
The trip into Minta wasn’t very exciting at all, like usual. We bribed the border guards to get through, which is ridiculous in a time of peace. How do non-adventurers travel the lands to do trade and afford such high tolls? That aside we made it into Minta. We largely skipped any Mintan civilization to avoid conflict and went straight towards Hellmans. When we got near we had to cross a river that usually we have no problems with but this time caused some trouble. Lytle, someone who I respect rightfully, made a bold claim that to cross this river we should use my group’s magical boat. I explained this seemed reasonable but an even easier method that we constantly use is to fly across on our broom of flying while most of the group stays inside our portable hole. Lytle argued his point for minutes, wasting time, even though Lucky and I had far more experience in Hellmnans than he. During the argument a group of minatuars attacked.
We had no trouble dispatching of the foul beasts and soon they were all dead. We crossed the river (by broom) and saw the keep. In front of the doors was a group of 50 or so lizardmen. We had already wasted much time so the group agreed to let me cast a fireball. Lucky flew me above the group, I let my spell go, and a huge explosion occurred.
“Fireball in your face!” I screamed. Over 30 of them were killed and the rest ran in fear of my awesome might. Now into the dungeon. I will say we explored many, many, rooms but most were of no consequence or use so I’ll include only what I deemed pertinent. The first room of interest had a pipe in the wall. While investigating I was telling a story to the young cleric which included a naughty word you might say. Perhaps it was the gods punishing me, perhaps the trap was voice activated, or perhaps I was merely unlucky, but at that moment the room began to flood with water. No problem, once again my magic saved us by shrinking the stone door that had dropped in front of our exit. The only major problem was that now water was slowly leaking all over the dungeon.
Another room we went into had an iron chest inside of it. It was almost 4 feet wide and 2 feet tall making it a rather large chest indeed. We were of course suspicious of traps and poison so Lucky gave me his unicorn horn and I wore my ring protecting me from inhaled gases and poisons and opened the chest. I had to use a spell to remove the lock but all that was inside was a glowing pebble and some gems.
The last room I remember that was beneficial had three weapons stuck into the floor. Zomb decided to be brave and bold and removed the sword from the floor. It took most of his strength but once out it became magical. We tried removing the other two weapons, a staff and mace, but they remained normal.
We continued downstairs and explored more and more rooms, some that we had never been in before without much luck in finding anything new. Finally when we were getting exhausted we went to a room we knew before had gargoyles in it. We killed those gargoyles, took their treasure, and left.
In all we gained a few thousand gold and a couple minor magical items. We made more potions of invulnerability as well. This may seem a boring story compared to many I’ve told in the past, and that’s because in many regards it is. But I will continue going into Hellmans until we conquer it, we just need more time! The gods and their cosmic clocks always work against us but I shall never give up.
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Dakota M

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 21, 2009 9:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The young cleric and fighter may be inexperinced but the can defenetly take care of themselves in an adventure.
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