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Saving the Family

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 15, 2007 3:15 pm    Post subject: Saving the Family Reply with quote

I just found this one as well. Game was played on March 3rd, 2007.

“Saving the Family”
A synopsis written through the eyes of Cooncarin Trunks

It was a typical morning at the Ziatic Guild. Lucky had just finished eating breakfast, and I was about to go check on the horses. But it was at that moment a truly epic thing happened, the post man arrived. He had a letter from my good friend Urza Van’Burace. He wanted me to come to Pleasantville to discuss the possibility of expanding the Guild to their fair city. I had always been keen on the idea of Guild expansion so I set of for Pleasantville. Normally, Lucky would have joined me but was busy tending to the Guild and pleasing Ginger.

I arrived at the city gates early the next morning ready to relax and work on the new hall plans. But the tides turned quickly. I wasn’t at the Pleasantville Keep for more than an hour when an Elvin messenger came to speak with Lytle Boxer. In fact, he wasn’t so much a messenger as an outcast of Swatrs. The news he had for Lytle was both exciting and depressing. Apparently Lytle had a sister he never knew about, but she was being held hostage. He knew this because he heard from some friends that were exploring about an elf maiden speaking to them through a crystal ball. (A powerful relic indeed) We learned the location of this ball from him, and began preparations to leave. Our group was hesitant at first since a spell from Solomon told us it was a trap. But the promise of glory soon had Cooncarin, Urza, Solomon, and Lytle on our way.
Getting to the Givema border was the easiest part of our trip. Once we crossed into Swatrs it was a different story. We had to be careful and not let anyone recognize us for fear of attack. You see, the friends I was traveling with weren’t very popular in Swatrs. That is another story entirely, so we’ll leave it at that. We found the first cave with the crystal ball, and fought hundreds of tiny fuzzy creatures. Luckily, Solomon summoned a swarm of bugs to confuse them, while Urza and I shot them down from the sky using our “Moccasins of Levitation.” Lytle made contact with his sister, and got a general idea of her whereabouts. We would have to continue north. When we got near Swarfen, Lytle turned invisible and snuck in. While there he spoke with a few people to get information on our situation. He came back with grim news. Apparently the country was in poor condition after the recent war and was under heavy militia control. So, instead of doing the slow journey all the way to the north end of the country we decided to ditch two of the horses and use Lytle’s and Urza’s only, which had “Horseshoes of speed”. This allowed us to travel twice as fast as normal. It only took two days to arrive near Silvenstenn. There was one minor fight along the way, with some Gorrillabears, but we took care of them. The cave with the crystal ball was just a little North West Silvenstenn, so we continued on. We started to go into the mountains when we saw a familiar figure ahead of us. It was Vader, the kings head magic user. We had contacted him earlier to ask about the crystal ball and he decided to check up on us. It didn’t take to much convincing to get the bored magic user to come along with us and help. After a long first day of hiking, we took a greatly needed rest.

It was on my shift with Lytle we had a stroke of bad luck. I had fallen asleep, most likely from all the strenuous work I had done, and so Lytle was keeping watch on his own. But, even keen eyes sometimes miss elves surrounding you. Lytle barely had the chance to stand up before we all had swords at our throats. After a few minutes of mindless bickering a few of the elves dropped to the ground. Vader had used a sleep spell on them. Next, he snuck behind the leader, invisibly, and put a dagger to his back. Now we were in charge! After a few more minutes of arguing we decided to bring them with us, bound of course.

We knew the shack with Lytle’s sister would be guarded, but not by Giant Trolls! They were huge, and had the regenerating powers of all trolls. But this is why we had brought the elves with. We gave them their weapons back, and had them act as bait for the trolls to chace. While that was happening we snuck to the front of the shacks door. Our earlier scouting showed us that the shack was covered in magical protective spells. But, with the combined efforts of Solomon and Vader, they were soon dispelled. We burst inside, grabbed Lytle’s sister and the crystal ball, and ran out. The trolls were quickly chasing us, but a magical portal of Vader’s allowed us to run straight to Givemea. We sold a few items that we received, and were on our way home. A better world now that an innocent Elf Maiden was safe.
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