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What Should Have Been More…

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 14, 2007 10:51 pm    Post subject: What Should Have Been More… Reply with quote

Another repost/move. This game was played sometime in 2005. The original date is lost to me.

Cooncarin’s Synopsis on
“What Should Have Been More…”

Its was early in the afternoon when I got word that Lytle Boxer and Solomon Pras were in town, apparently looking for something to do. I quickly found them and persuaded them to go on a quick adventure, nothing to difficult for men of their stature. All that was left was to convince a few more adventurers to join us. We ended up recruiting Lytle’s adopted son Alex, a fighter, and Zomb another fighter. Unfortunately Zomb was dead, and needed reviving. After so talking, The Ziatics Guild put forth the money to have him resurrected. After some reminiscing we were quickly off.

I soon realized this wasn’t going to be as normal of an adventure as I hoped and not a very rewarding one either. Lytle and Solomon really wanted to go to Dooms kingdom, past Minta. I couldn’t argue with their reasoning since it included the prospect of gold and glory, so we were on our way. We teleported to Bont to save some time on the trip, without any troubles. Getting through the border wasn’t quit as easy, but about 10 platinum fixed the troubles. During the journey we encountered some beasts that turned a few of our horses into stone, but they were quickly disposed of. It wasn’t long until we came upon a small village, only about one day’s journey to the Doom border. We stayed here to rest up, and find some information about the Kingdom we were traveling to. As I was very interested in the half mintan, half human architecture of the building we were staying in, it wasn’t until much later that I found out Solomon and Lytle had gone to learn a few things from a local, powerful, wizard. Apparently he didn’t have much to say except don’t go to Dooms Kingdom!

The next day we found the border, but it was a very depressing site indeed. The border lie in the middle of a river, the half on our side looked fine, but the other half was different, almost evil you could say. We quickly learned it wouldn’t be as simple as just walking into this place. There was a type of magic shield blocking our entrance. When we tried to send a few magic animals in, they were transformed into energy by this shield, and shot back at us. The same thing happened when we tried to dispel, or use any magic on the shield. Soon we learned anything with magic on it that also tried to go through the shield, lost its magic, but the rest seemed to make it through alright. Our next test was taking all magic off of Alex then, and have him run through, and see what happened. We of course had a rope to pull him back in case of an emergency. Unfortunately he couldn’t take the pain from even approaching the shield. We decided to give up for now, and inquire more from the wizard back at the city. On the way back we were forced to fight two wild Ettins. I was fighting alone with one of them, and having no troubles at all, until the ettin got a lucky shot, and my arm was horrible hurt, and I passed out from it. Luckily the rest of my team did fine, and we made it back alright.

The wizard still had no more info for us, and since we had been gone for quit some time, we decided to head home, to come back another day. We went home gold less, and glory less, but we still gained some knowledge.
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