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Death is Unavoidable

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 14, 2007 10:47 pm    Post subject: Death is Unavoidable Reply with quote

I figured I might as well move the other synopsis' I wrote in the DnD forum to this page so at least they're in one place.

Game played on Saturday August 18th, 2007.

Death is Unavoidable
A synopsis written through the eyes of Cooncarin Trunks

The morning had begun like any other in Givemea. I woke up early to learn my spells like usual, and go to morning mass. Lucky had expressed interest the previous night in exploring Colas, a country to our West which surprisingly isn't often traveled, so my next stop was to the bar to get some information on the land. Of course, I picked the local tavern to find this information. The bar tender didn't seem to know much about Colas, and neither did anyone else I spoke to. I knew nobody at the Guild had been there, and that none of my more experienced adventuring friends. I was almost about to resort to calling Solomon to see if he had any ideas of who to ask when Lucky reminded me of Kid Kickbut. The bartender had mentioned something about Kid exploring far and wide, but I had never had the pleasure of meeting him. I put the word out and found out that Kid was in town.

After introductions with Kid we got down to business. Kid had been there, and suggested the best and most traveled path into Colas would be from Katni. Katni was right on the border of Colas and seemed like a perfect launching point. I invited Kid back to the Guild Hall for some lunch and more discussion. Kickbut seemed very interested why we were planning a trip into Colas but I tried to stay as hidden as possible about the truth.
The truth was of course that maybe two years ago Lucky and I had been part of a group to kill a red dragon. Being the greedy AND advantage taking opportunists we are, we used magic to force the dead bests soul to tell us the location of it's lair. It also informed us of a mate it had back home. We would have gone sooner to collect its treasure, but Colas was quite a trip to take on and proper planning is required. Plus, we had no maps of the place until now.

So Kid came back the the Guild Hall with me for some food. No sooner had we entered the door had we also entered into some drama. Apparently Lucky had been having another discussion with Ginger about getting married, but this one was much more serious. Ginger was now pregnant with her second child, the first being my girlfriend Gwenyver. Lucky was still hesitant about marriage but with no other choices we planned a wedding. I went to the church to get the details covered there since I would be performing the wedding. Some of our typical friends were part of the ceremony. Zomb attended, Goldy was an usher, and I believe Stir was the best man. Stir, Lucky and I's adopted son, was the best man instead of me since the church had some rule about the priest not also being the best man. Lucky invited the king to the festivities as well, who happened to give the best present. An amulet allowing communication between Lucky and Ginger once a day. Lucky instantly thought about giving one of the amulets to someone else, but was sadly informed that they only worked for the two of them.
Now that all other business was out of the way, we were going to head out for Colas. Since Ginger and Zomb were available we invited them to come along. Chrissy K. II also came since a second cleric is always a good idea, even a lower level one. We opted to ride down to Katni instead of teleporting to save some costs and we were off!
The ride was surprisingly easy, with only one battle worth mentioning. About half way to the city we came across some owlbears. Five of six of them to be exact. It was daytime and we weren't' afraid so prepared to fight. We didn't have much time though so no spells were cast. It'd be good old fashioned hand to hand combat. I was pretty preoccupied with my own owlbear to watch anyone else much, but did notice that nobody seemed to be having to much trouble. By the time I had finished the one on me Lucky had already killed one and was finishing off his second. Goldy was handling hers alright, but Chrissy wasn't doing as well. I went over to help him kill his and the battle was over. It wasn't much longer and we were in Katni. After doing our usual in town business we crossed the border.

Surprisingly there was no security and the border, which would probably mean friendly relations with the country of Dwarves. I don't know many dwarves and don't speak dwarvish so I wasn't hoping for any unfriendly confrontations with the lil guys. There were two towns on the way to the mountains in central Colas where the dragon said its lair was. Our original plan was to travel as quickly as possible without much stopping to spend as little time as possible in Colas. But it would seem Colas' wilds are a little more wild than in Givemea. We had barely entered the country when we were attacked by volts in the middle of the night. Now I've encountered volts numerous times without any major problems; in dungeons. Outside there were many more of them than I'm used to and they even seemed more dangerous than usual. We were awoken suddenly by the guys on duty (who had practically fallen asleep) and began to fight. It didn't look good from the start. Chrissy went down pretty fast and Zomb wasn't far behind. Lucky and I yelled to retreat to the horses. We began to run while drinking some heroism potions we had on hand to give us some desperately needed strength. On the way Lucky passed out so it was just Goldy and I running away. During the retreat we managed to kill a couple more so there was only six left. I stopped, turned around and pulled out my Lighting Rod. I instantly fried five with that and the last one flew away. Some may say it was a waste but I was just so angry at the moment I didn't care. We got back, picked up the bodies and camp and headed to town. At the church we paid to have Lucky and Zomb raised back to life, and stayed in town until everyone was healed up.

We left again, and were only about one day away from the lair when we were attacked again. This time by a creature that looked like a lion with snakes coming out of its neck. It would have been a completely successful battle if the monster hadn't managed to get one perfect attack on Lucky. In one shot he was dead again. We finished the beast off, and headed to the nearest town. Lucky was raised again and we were off once again. After another day of journey we spotted the cave which we believed was the dragon's lair. We started to plan what would need to be done when up above Lucky noticed a baby dragon spying on us. I started to instantly cast resist fire spells on Lucky and myself but before I could get any more cast the mother was upon us. Lucky and I were unaffected, but Zomb and Goldy weren't so lucky. They felt the burn but survived. Lucky shot some arrows at her and I pulled out the big weapon again. The Lightning Rod hit her twice before she flew away in fear. I put everyone else in the portable hole and flew up with my moccasins of levitation to go collect our reward. I dropped everyone off and then noticed that the dragon was down below breathing fire on our horses. I didn't want to take any chances so cast lightning one more time. The body came crashing down and our battle was won. Lucky knocked the baby dragon out so we could get the treasure, and boy was there a lot. We made two trips so we could also collect as many dragon scales as possible (200+) and ended up slottering the small baby since it was just too inconvenient to bring it home with us.

We ended up with enough treasure to cover all of the expenses, including the deaths, and for Zomb to pay the guild back the debt he owed. I of course donated a fair share to the church and guild, while the others did what they pleased. I also gained a level of experience as a magic user so I consider the adventure an extreme success. Not only did we kill another dragon and collect more treasure, we also explored part of a country we've never been to before. I hope we can head to Colas again someday soon since I would like to learn more about the dwarve's land and their culture. I also hear they have great heaps of treasure they can pay out if need be.
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