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Keep your sword sharp and your mind sharper

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Dakota M

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 22, 2014 11:11 pm    Post subject: Keep your sword sharp and your mind sharper Reply with quote

After years of retirement from the adventuring game my crew and I got back into the game. It was exhilarating to see the gang again for more then just a few rounds down at the pub. So exhilarating that we decided to head back out to one of our favorite dungeons again less then a few weeks after the last time. This is that story or at least the 1st part of the story.

We had a very eventful couple of days on the trail. The 1st encounter was with two creatures I can only describe as flying string rays. It was short and sweet so short in fact Jaina and Murk managed to defeat both of them before I and Nimrodz even got to draw our weapons.

The 2nd encounter was a little rougher and started with 4 larger rocks being hurtled at us at high speeds. Which somehow I knew meant it was giants. Still not sure how I knew that. I don't believe I've ever even fought giants before but I hey what else can throw rocks the size of my head that hard. Anyways right after the 1st four rocks were thrown several dire wolves attacked which would of been easy enough to deal with but unfortunately the hill giants kept throwing rocks. Nimrodz went down but nothing a quick potion can't fix. Unfortunately his horse wasn't so lucky and long story short Nimrodz would be walking until we could get to the next town.

Next up was the four giants Nimrodz Jaina and I decided to go after the 1st giant together well Murk stayed back to heal himself which proved crucial later in the battle. The 1st giant fell with one swift well placed attack to the torso. We left Nimrodz to stay back and watch over the 1st giant because well he was down and bleeding he wasn't out. Now it was down to just Jaina and myself.

We headed off to the 2nd giant. Once we got there Murk was up and ready for battle so he began to run towards us and help but luckily I managed to finish her with 3 quick attacks long before Murk ever got to us. The last two giants left were the parents and they were very unhappy which is understandable. They watched both of their children fall in less then a minute. The father went after Jaina and I took the mother who went down just as easily as the last two. Unfortunately with all of the rocks being thrown Jaina was feeling rough and needed to step out of battle to heal but luckily Murk was well healed and ready to battle and easily held him off until I got there to finish the job.

We went to check on Nimrodz and the 1st giant who was still alive. So we decided to have Murk talk to the young giant and see if we could get him to tell us where their layer is. After a few rocks being thrown and Murk promising to heal him and have me stay about 50 ft back. Which I can understand why he wouldn't trust me. As promised he brought us to his home but ran away right after. We let him go without a fight. Honestly I felt bad for the little guy he had his home and family ruined and all because his parents picked a fighter with the wrong group. Which is a shame I hate killing children even those of evil parents but I'll take down anyone to keep my group safe. I hope he remembers our kindness but if not he won't receive it again. Looking back I suppose we could of fought one giant each but hey better safe then sorry. Anyways the lair held 2,000 gold not a bad pay day before we even started the real adventure.

Right after leaving the cave we seen two pegasus. Which I knew to be good kind hearted creatures so when Murk wanted to talk to them I had no trouble letting him go head as we stayed back about 200 yards. After a few minutes of Murk slowly getting closer and talking we seen him climb on top of the female one for what I can only imagine to be the ride of his life. He was grinning ear to ear for the rest of the day. As he should be not only did he see and talk to one of the rarest creatures in the world but he got to ride one as well something that I had only heard of in legends and children's stories.

After a few more miles it started to get dark so we figured we'd head off to bed. The 1st two shifts went fine but my shift had a strange encounter. I heard an odd giggle so I quickly awoke the rest of the crew. After which I no longer heard it again but Nimrodz did. Then out of no where a pseudo-dragon appeared. Which I knew from my studies to also be of good alignment well as good as any dragon can be I suppose. So I encouraged Nimrodz to talk to the little dragon and see if we couldn't get him to join us. After much talking and showing him a little sample of the riches he could obtain by joining us he agreed to think about it. Wish he would of said yes considering he already took one of our gems but oh well.

We set off to finally get to our destination and when we got the the dragon refused to enter but was willing to wait outside until we got back. Seems like every dragon as one thing in common a fear of going underground. The big ones claim it it because they are to big but deep down I think even they are afraid. Which just goes to show that no matter how long you live or how strong you are we all have hopes and fears. Maybe one day dragons and humans can learn to coexist but I won't hold my breath.

Anyways as we entered the dungeon we came across something we hadn't witnessed before an odd dark water that temporarily stopped magic when it touched it that was flowing into one of the rooms. But a simple dispel magic took care of it long enough for us to get threw. So we didn't worry about it. I figured two lower water level spells and another dispel magic would take care of it on the way back. The rest of the dungeon went without a problem seeing as how we had been their several times before we solved all of it's riddles before it could even ask.

When we got to the room that allows to to fight a mirror image of yourself and if you won you got a nice weapon we figured we'd give it a shot. So we cast two prayers a strength spell and a chant to ensure that Jaina would win but when she entered to portal nothing happened. Oh well nothing ventured nothing gained.

We preceded to the next floor and before long we were on the 3rd floor which was new territory to us. It didn't take long before we realized that this floor was unlike the rest for it spelled out a phrase. So we quickly searched the whole floor before opening anymore doors. After a little examination we found that it read THE 1ST VIRTUE OF THE MALE ELF IS THE STAFF. I have a few theories as to what it may mean but they will have to wait to be tested because it was time to rest and think.

I learned many things the past few days but the most important thing I learned is that even though a sharp sword is needed a sharp mind is just as important to keep those you are meant to protect safe. But that is all for now for I must prepare to wake the others because a new day is approaching and we have much to explore. Now I end with the fighters creed. Grab your sword and keep your party alive bloodied battered and bruised but alive.
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