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The Joining of Heroes Past and Present

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 27, 2007 10:27 pm    Post subject: The Joining of Heroes Past and Present Reply with quote

This is a synopsis about the game played on November 24th, 2007. There are quotes in here that aren't exactly correct, and many are made up, but that's because it's through Cooncarin's eyes, and how he remembers it (hence, how I remember it. Plus with a little of my own flair) I think it turned out well.

The Joining of Heroes Past and Present
A synopsis written through the eyes of Cooncarin Trunks

It was another long day of boat work and guild management completed. I had just arrived back to the guild hall when Lucky approached me with an idea.

“Let’s get the hell out of here, Cooncarin” he said. “I can’t handle my Ginger anymore. She’s just so pregnant and annoying. I need a couple days off.”

“I couldn’t agree more” I replied. So it was decided. We made plans to head to our Pleasantville guild hall for a couple days to relax. It wasn’t’ long before word reached Goldy, a halfing friend of ours and Zomb, an experienced fighter who seems to prefer death over life.
Goldy seemed eager to join us to Pleasantville, but her reasons were unclear. “I just need to be out of town for a while”, is all we could get her to say. I assumed it had something to do with her fondness of beating up bigger, but weaker, men. Zomb always seems willing to go on a trip so we didn’t even question his motives.

The next morning we were off. Usually we would send word out to one of Pleasantville’s founders of our trip so they could have preparations for our stay planned. But, with the recent completion of our Guild Hall there, we didn’t need to worry.

“We’ll surprise ‘em” said Lucky. The journey there was relatively peaceful. No fights, no merchants, nothing. Of course I didn’t mind. Goldy, on the other hand, was very eager to fight.

“Where the heck is everybody?” she kept saying, “I wanna fight”. I’ve never doubted Goldy’s abilities. For only a Halfling she can handle herself very well, without anybody’s help. We did see one group of goblins on the way, about 100. But, we weren’t really in the mood for slaughtering goblins right then, and were sort of in a hurry, so rode around them.
Soon we were at Pleasantville’s gate, but the guard seemed overly happy about our visit. He wouldn’t even let us go to our hall without seeing the mayor himself, Urza.

“It’s an emergency. Urza will explain everything I’m sure. I don’t know much but he told me to bring you guys straight to him when you arrived” said the city guard.

“How’d he even know we were coming?” I asked, “We didn’t send word”

“Not sure” replied the guard, “But it is Urza so nothing really suprises me anymore.” On the way to the keep Lucky caught a glance of an old friend. An old dwarf friend of ours was exploring the city, apparently he’d never been.

“Shanika!” yelled Lucky. “Wanna come visit Urza with us?”

“I haven’t seen Urza in ages, sure” was his answer.
Once we met with Urza he told us the bad news. Apparently the city of Rodun was in trouble.

“They’ve been attacked heavily these past few days by giant wasps. And apparently they haven’t gotten word to the king yet. They want us to send help.” Said Urza.

“Are you thinking of sending your militia, or waiting for the King’s?” asked Lucky.

“Neither” he said, “We’re going to go in ourselves first. Check it out for the king and see if help is even needed. Lytle and I already called the King and he seemed reluctant to send men at all, so we’ll just handle it I guess.”

Just then Lytle and Solomon walked in. “Shanika!” screamed the both of them, “How’s it going?”

“Not bad, I guess” he replied, “I’m still pretty much broke, but whatever. At least I’m still good looking, and of course naturally faster than any of you guys, hahaha.” Shanika always had a knack of going on relatively bad adventures, with little reward. But, his outlook on life was still the same. He was, and still is, one of the funniest dwarves I’ve ever met.

“Well you guys, I think we’ll be leaving tomorrow” cut in Urza.

“Do we have some time to drink tonight?” asked Shanika.

“Of course we do, always.” So a couple of the guys went to the bar. The next morning we were all packed and ready to leave again, this time with a group of eight. The trip to Rodun was relatively short. In just over a day we were welcomed through yet another set of gates.

The city, like usual, was very clean. As we made our way to the mayor’s office I couldn’t help but notice how sad everybody looked. The mayor looked a little bit more upbeat, but still desperate. He was a fairly handsome man, with shoulder length hair, and a body that made me think ‘he must work out.’ But there was a small glaze in his eyes that instantly made me distrust him. At least a little. Of course, I’ve never trusted the authority figures of this country much, so I left it at that.
“Thank you so much for coming. I won’t waste any time” he said. Basically, for the past few nights giant wasps have been attacking the city. Unfortunately we don’t have the best militia for this sort of thing.”

“Maybe you should be training them how to fight instead of clean” said Urza.

“That’s for sure” said Lytle

“That will be something we’ll look into in the future, but for now I just need your help. We think they’re coming from the mausoleums outside of town, but we don’t know who’s doing it. We were hoping you wouldn’t just help us fight the wasps, but also stop the source of the problem.

“Well we could do that, for a price.” Smirked Solomon

“Yes, let’s speak of rewards with monetary value.” Said Lucky.

“Also, we keep everything we find” added Solomon

“And uh, we’d like some land in your city, too” said Lucky. “For our guild to build on”

“Fine, whatever you want” said the mayor. Just, please help us. And your guild can build here if you promise to help train our troops after all of this.

“Deal” we all agreed.

We were planning on leaving for the mausoleum in the morning so we’d have the advantage of light, but plans never seem to work like we hope. That evening I heard battle cries, and screams of warning. “Men to the walls!” I heard one guard shout. I ran outside instantly since I wouldn’t need to put any armor on because of my magical bracers. The others prepared, except Lytle who slept in his leather and climbed to the roof. Over the city wall I could see literally thousands of skeletons making their way into the city. I called forth my cleric powers to turn some of them away, but I knew that would only slow them down. We needed Solomon to do the real work here. I thought Lytle would stay to help me, but I could just make out his figure across the field working his way to the Black Forest.

“Recon” I figured. Thankfully at that moment Solomon came out of the barracks and instantly started destroying dozens of skeletons at a time with his clerical ability.

“Cooncarin, protect the south gate from being breached” he yelled to me. “I’ll run the walls making sure no more get inside. The rest of you knock over any ladders still standing” We did as we were told, and in a matter of minutes there were no more skeletons.

“About 1,200 I figure” guessed Urza.

“I’d say more like 1,300” figured Zomb. As we argued about the amount, Lytle returned.

“What’d you see?” asked Solomon?

“Nothing really” he replied. “The mausoleum grounds were pretty torn up, but that’s about it. Oh, yea, and a black horse.”

“Interesting” said Solomon. “Well, I’m going to go try and heal up any of the city members that need it before going back to sleep.

“Yea, waste your spells. That’s a good idea” said Shanika. “We may need those”

“Yes, but these people need me right now. We’ll be fine in the morning”
“Well if we get attacked again tonight, it may be your fault if we die. So don’t complain to me” said Shanika. He was absolutely right, because no more than 3 hours later we were being attacked again. This time it was the giant wasps we had heard about. This time all of us went to the walls to fight them in the air, except Lytle who went to check out the Mausoleum again.

I started preparing a fireball spell since I knew it would burn their wings off, while the others got bow and arrows ready. “Wait for it” warned Urza, “Wait, wait….NOW” he screamed. I released my fireball trying to make it explode right in the center of their group. But, they had already started to split up, and the spell only hit about 5 of them. Although they didn’t die, they did go straight to the ground. Solomon went around finishing those off. The wasps had now gotten to close for spells or bows, so it was hand to hand combat from here on out. Everyone seemed to be doing fine, until one got a lucky shot on me. I thought I was fine until I felt a sudden burning in my spine, and I could no longer move.
Lucky came to help, giving me some bad news as he killed it. “They have a powerful poison, you’re paralyzed until Solomon can get to you” so the rest of the battle was pretty boring for me. Once they were all dead Solomon got me up, and once again Lytle returned with news from the mausoleum.

“The ground is back to normal again” was the first thing he reported, “and that horse wasn’t there anymore. I’m not really sure what’s going on”
“Well, it’s morning now, so let’s just get a move on with it” said Urza. So, we healed up and went towards the mausoleum. It was only about 15 minutes away, so we were there in no time.

In front of us were a couple different cemeteries, with three buildings towards the center. Solomon insisted on casting a detect evil spell right away “It will last over an hour guys, and we’ll want one up” he argued.
“Look, I know it’s evil here, Ok? I’m going in” said Urza. And with that he walked through the gate, while Solomon cast his spell. As soon as he entered though multiple zombies came out of the ground. Urza laughed as he began killing them all, but that wasn’t all. Shanika began to move into the gate to help Urza just as smoke began pouring out of the center building. Out of it came a large, black horse. There were flames upon his feet, as he ran towards Urza.

“Nightmare!” projected Urza into everyone’s mind with my amulet of thought projection I loaned him. I knew this was bad, so I got my lightning rod out. The smoke was beginning to surround everyone, but Goldy and Zomb got a few shots in with their bows. Just as the smoke was fully surrounding Urza and Shanika I shot a lightning bolt off, hitting the horse. Shanika was making a run for it now, probably because of fear. As he made it out of the gate he noticed Solomon had finished his spell.

“So, is the horse evil?” said Shanika very sarcasticly.

“Yes, it is” replied Solomon as he walked through the gate, destroying the rest of the zombies. This freed up Urza who began attacking the nightmare. I’m not sure if it was Lytle or Urza who finished it off, but I know it did a few seconds later. He never even really got a chance to attack.

“Well, since you cast that spell, which building is evil?” asked Lytle, “I’m sure the center one, but whatever”

“It is,” said Solomon. “and by the way, I still think it was the right spell to cast at the time” We decided to enter the center building, and it didn’t take long at all to search the entire place. There was nothing of interest, except some coffins, cabinets, and a window in the back.

“There must be something here,” said Shanika “I’m searching for a secret door” A couple minutes later he cheered with joy as he found a secret entrance leading down. It was a small passage we had to crawl to enter, but it didn’t last long. Once we were significantly underground it evened out and we could walk again. This is where the real searching began.
I’ll try to keep this part brief, even though in reality we wondered around for at least a couple hours. The dungeon itself wasn’t particularly large. The first real excitement came when we encountered a small T in the hall. In front of us were two large statues, which a spell revealed were clearly magic. Solomon detected evil from three spots in the wall ahead as well.
Shanika was very excited about this and charged ahead to touch one, as I tried to warn him about their magic. “I’m taking one home!” he yelled. As I tried to stop him, behind us crashed three umber hulks through the wall which Solomon detected evil from. I was stuck with Shanika by the statues while the others fought because there wasn’t enough room to use a spell or move in to battle. It would turn out this was a good idea in the end. Urza, who had become bored of the umber hulk battle because he had killed his and the others were taken, moved into the hall ahead to sit down. This activated a trap that brought the statues to life. They were really stone golems in disguise. This left me and Shanika, with Urza soon to help, to fight.

“I’m using lightning” I proclaimed

“Go for it” replied Shanika, “I ain’t scurred” My lightning hit one of the statues square on the chest, but didn’t slow him in the least. So I took out my sword and began hand to hand combat. Shanika was busy with his own, but Urza had just arrived to help. Everyone else was still fighting umber hulks, so we were on our own.

It didn’t take long for me to kill my golem since the lightning had weakened him, and soon enough Urza and Shanika had killed theirs as well. Once everyone was finished fighting, we began to explore again.
After some time we found a room filled with humans chained up, and another room filled with dead bodies. We weren’t sure at the time, but we guessed that vampires were living there because the humans had bite marks on their necks.

Soon we had all the rooms searched and weren’t really sure where to continue. But, fate gave us a clue. A horribly, ugly, looking monster came to attack us. It was sewn together with flesh.

“A flesh golem” said Urza “It shouldn’t be too hard.” I didn’t even get to fight this time, since the warriors killed it so fast. Like I said though, this monster was a clue. Since he didn’t have bloody footprints, we knew he must not have come through one of the earlier room we were in fighting the umber hulks.

“There must be a secret door somewhere around here” said Lytle. It didn’t take long to find one at the end of a dead end hallway. After using a knock spell to open it up, we were inside. Ahead of us were 5 coffins, 2 of which had evil contained within, according to Solomon.

“It could be Vampires” I warned. “We fought one of these recently. I know how to kill them if they’re in their coffin. We planned to move in and stake them, when they both opened up. We had no choice but to fight. I used lightning on one, but that wasn’t enough. Urza killed one, forcing it back to its coffin to recharge. The other was a little better, almost scoring a hit on Lytle. But, he hurt it enough forcing it to run away in its gaseous form. We staked the one we had defeated, and chopped its head off, and then stuffed its head with holy wafers. Solomon watched out for the other one to return, but that wouldn’t be easy since there was so much fog on the ground. We guessed there would be more around here since there was 5 coffins. Before leaving we filled all of these coffins with holy water so as to burn any vampires who may go inside them.

We found another secret door in here, so opened it up. Inside we weren’t nearly prepared for what would happen. A fireball flew out, doing damage to Zomb, but not even affecting Lytle who had a sword to protect him from flames. The rest of us were far enough back where it didn’t hurt. Inside was a vampire on top of another coffin in the center of the room. Shanika and Lytle ran forward to attack.

The vampire was prepared though, because around his coffin was a pit of spikes, which Lytle and Shanika fell into. Lytle was stabbed through the heart, and even though Shanika was in better shape, a vampire closed in on him, draining experience. Lytle warned us telepathically about the trap, but we had other concerns at the moment. I shot another lightning bolt at this new vampire, causing him to run away. But, the first vampire had returned. Solomon forced him to turn away, but that would only be temporary. “We need a plan” said Solomon, “I’m going to heal Lytle and Shanika”

“I’m coming to help” said Urza. The rest of us stayed behind to watch for the vampires. As we waited, the vampires returned, but without Solomon we didn’t notice them in gaseous form. They grabbed Zomb and Goldy dragging them into the other room. The two fought back, while Lucky and I went back to back with holy symbols to protect ourselves. Zomb escaped uninjured and joined our circle, but Goldy was hit once. She was drained of experience, and definitely looked bad. Luckily, I got a shot off on one of the vampires, weakening it even more. Urza and Solomon came back with Shanika and Lytle, who were clearly in pain.

As we were talking about our next moves, we heard a terrible scream from the room before this one. “Hehe, stupid, cowardly, vampires” chuckled Urza. One of the vampires must have returned to a coffin with holy water. Since we had a minute to spare Shanika knocked over the coffin above us to hopefully stop another vampire from entering.

There was still one vampire left, and we decided to kill it before continuing. We had found another secret door in the spikes, but the vampire was eager about protecting it. Shanika was very upset as well though, and like most dwarves was willing to sacrifice himself to kill the vampire. He flew above with his wings of flying, while Solomon protected the door. Soon, we had him dead. But in the process Shanika lost 2 more levels of experience. “Ain’t nothing” was all he said.

I was completely out of magic to help open the secret door at this point, so the fighters just bashed it open. Inside of the secret room was the vampire’s treasure. There was plenty of gold, and some jewelry, and even some magic. Although we later found that most of the magic was cursed anyway. There was a potion and a scroll, neither of which were very impressive.

We returned to Rodun heroes. The mayor gave us the land he promised, and revealed a secret. Apparently the vampires were hypnotizing him for many years using charm spells. That’s why the city was always so clean. They essentially used the city as a nursery for their food. But, now the city was free. We aren’t really sure what their motives were for attacking what was basically their own city, but it’s a good thing they did I guess, since that way we could find out the truth.

We all went our separate ways, but Lucky and I were happy. The guild had gotten a new place to build another hall, and would soon be official trainers for Rodun. Goldy was pretty upset, you could see it in her face, but I know the tough Halfling would soon get over it. Shanika seemed overly happy for a dwarf who had just been almost killed and drained of life. As for everyone else, it was a pretty decent adventure and we were all very proud to have freed Rodun from the vampires.

Soon afterwards plans began for the new guild hall. As of this writing, Oswald has been put in charge of the building plans. We hope to make a strong presence in Rodun, with possible returns to the mausoleum.

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 27, 2007 10:54 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

They were giant wasps, not moths.

Otherwise, it was a very good story Sergio. I remember a couple minor details differently, but as you said, it is told from the memory of Cooncarin.
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 27, 2007 10:56 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Good catch Steve. I fixed that now. Good thing with the forum is you can just go back and fix the parts you mess up.
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 27, 2007 10:58 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yeah Good job Sergio.
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 28, 2007 1:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Solomon : "i'm casting detect evil"

Uraz : "i know there's evil in there...and i'm going in."

After the horse attacks

Shankika "hey solomon, was the horse evil?!?"

i can totally see this going down as a conversation.
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 28, 2007 3:57 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yea those are amost exact quotes to what was said. Jay was funny the whole time though.
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