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The Pre-Encampment

    Each troop that attends the National Jamboree needs to conduct a two night pre-encampment. The purpose of this camp is to prepare Scouts and leaders for the jamboree, conduct swim tests and youth protection programs, build the gateway and work on other equipment, and get to know one another.
    Troops 1417 and 1418 of the Central Minnesota Council held their encampment at Parker Scout Reservation during the weekend of June 22-24. Sixty-nine of the 72 Scouts attended. The weather was beautiful, the bugs weren't too bad, and the fellowship was great.
    The only thing the Scouts complained about was that they had too much free time due to work that had already been done in previous meetings. Oh well, It gave them time to get to know there patrol and troop members better.

One interesting is trying to put together a picnic table without instructions.

Of course, being Boy Scouts we were able to figure out how it is done.

And then use the tables during meal time to enjoy our meal.

The Patrol Leader's Council met a few times during the weekend.

We held a couple meetings in which Troops 1417 and 1418 received important information.

Adult leaders and committee members instructed the crews in what to prepare for and what to expect.

An impromptu campfire was enjoyed by everyone, bad jokes and all.

The troop has an assemble each morning and evening by the flag pole.

Troop 1417 take some free time to have fun playing Ultimate.

The campsite of Troop 1417.

Time for swim checks.

It was quite a windy day.

The gateway construction has begun. This was the first time it was put together. We were a little anxious to see what it would look like.

The Scouts of both troops signed their names to the gateway under their patrol name.

The completed, and combined gateways, of Troops 1417 and 1418. I think is looks great. It was drawn and painted by the Scouts.

Pictures have been provided by Steve Borgerding. Please ask for his permission before using them on any other sites. Thank you.

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