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Solomon Pras' Synopsis on "Elven Secrets"
written by Brent Oja

game played Nov. 24, 2004

    Heroes are born in great opportunity, while opportunity comes from a bit of luck.  That statement would define the group of Urza, Lytle, Hewill, and myself, High Priest Solomon Pras.  We've killed dragons, a litch, saved the lives of hundreds, including King Dor himself, and not to mention recovered the source of magic for all of Tenne.  All of this was from prior instances of luck, which allowed us to achieve greatness. 

    We luckily came across mighty enemies, had the opportunity to battle and we were able to slay, and take their treasure.  Was it luck or destiny, the more I ponder that enigma I begin to think this was all destiny.  We have come too far as a group, our stories connected too similarly, and we have persevered over too much adversity for this whole institution of our group to be just a random happening.  This following story is the latest chapter in our lives, and will hopefully legitimize our claim as heroes of Tenne, and not just Givemea.  This latest challenge could very well be the end of the group...


    Hewill Makit, Lytle Boxer, Derek Stormbringer, and myself all agreed it was time for an answer to the outcome of the Dragon/Elven War taking place in Swatrs.  We had caught wind of this war after our encounter with Gary the Great Green's cousin Kraktokrin in Acirema.  Kraktokrin had kidnapped Lytle's family, we went to rescue them, in the process, we killed many of his prized minotaurs, three of his children of green, and of course the litch on the island was disposed of as well.  We rescued Lytle's wife and a child, but a female child was taken by the cowardly Kraktokrin, which was killed weeks later, found with a note explaining the war in the North. 

    As a group, we decided we should do a little investigating, and of course pay our green friends a visit.  The journey started north to the country of Swatrs, the land of the Elves, Lytle's homeland.  I have never really been respected in anything I do, besides by the group, but even then its minimal, but the treatment we received from the Elves was terrible.  It is understandable to a degree, now with the knowledge of the Boxer family's troubles in Swatrs, and a war occurring in the north.  However, they knew of our exploits, maybe not with as much knowledge of the people of Givemea do, but they knew we were here to help and not cause trouble.  I suppose they see Lytle as an enemy, did not trust us because we had not helped them, and did not have the formal approval of King Dor.  None the less, while being questioned at every from of civilization about our intentions,  even more so the farther north we went.  It was deeply frustrating. 

    The journey north started from our town, Pleasantville, and was relatively uneventful until we reached the first town of Swatrs, Swarfen.  While the elves are known to be uptight and watchful, they were truly overboard with their watchfulness and questioning of our group.  I do not want to sound as if our group deserves a free pass everywhere we go, but while in the country ruled by a goodly race raising so many questions is just absurd.  They questioned our intentions, but most notably took a large interest that Lytle was with our group.  The guard spoke to Lytle in Elvish, and Lytle told us we were instructed to keep to ourselves and if we caused a disturbance we'd be in trouble.  The point was taken, we found a hotel, went to the tavern for a few drinks and tried to found out some information on the happenings in the North.  We found out that Moundsten and Silvenstenn had been totally destroyed, burnt to the ground.  Tragic indeed, but as the course of history turns these things happen, see Clir in Givemea about 10 years ago that we helped rebuild.  It is our duty as Avengers of the good to make sure these things do not happen again. 

    We continued north to the capital city of Swatrs, Scontoft.  As it was Scontoft was the start of our troubles in Swatrs.  Simply put, this is the point where we found out Lytle had been banished from Swatrs.  The leaders of Swatrs requested to see Lytle, but being the smart adventurers we are, we had Hewill put an invisibility spell on Lytle, this way we could leave Scontoft and continue north and still have Lytle with us.  Well about ten feet from the exit we were stopped by the guards. Who would have thought a magic user, fighter, and huge black man are found to be a suspicious group!?  I attempted to tell the guard that if he didn't want to see Baist destroyed he had better let us continue on our way, but predictably they arrested us and brought us to see the elders. 

    On a personal note, I spoke with a fellow High Cleric of Paladin in Scontoft, and he too spoke to me with a condescending tone, not considering me equal to him, and I do not believe this was a racial issue, it was because he was an elf and I was a human.  My thoughts lead me to think that this might be dealing with this war in the North, I can only hope so, truly sad if one group of creatures think themselves so superior, as it usually is their downfall (see another synopsis on dragons). 

    Back to the topic at hand.  When we met the council of Swatrs, they told us that the Boxer family had been banned from Swatrs for treason of some sorts, they wound not expand further on their thoughts.  The council of I believe Sassine, Umare, and Philly were their names, believed our good intentions to go northward and fight for them after a lot of convincing.  However, they told us that three guards had to accompany us to Baist, those being Gondor an older Elf who seemed to be of good nature, Arden who I did not fully trust, and a younger Elf known as Elkston, and I never trusted this one. 

    On the way to Fernesti, Gondor said that rumors were that the Boxers had dealt with the drow elves, and I assured him that he was of only good intent and would never align with the drow knowingly.  Gondor seemed to be open to that idea and explained this was his job and duty, and I acknowledged that.  We were able to communicate to Lytle that we'd meet him in Vanol.  On our way to Ponst, we ran into an old friend, Lortap the Barbarian. It was known to most of us this was Lytle in disguise.  He warned us of a group of Ogres ahead ready to ambush us.  With Lytle's (Lortap's) help we were able to slay the group very easily.  I might add, that the three guards stood and watched as we did this, as is, this was probably not a good idea as they now know our fighting capabilities.  After the battle, the elves would not let Lortap leave, there was a big argument that followed about his ability to do as we wants.  As it was, he stayed with us for sometime, then they allowed him to leave. 

    We reached Ponst without further trouble.  At Ponst there was more news of the North...mainly death and destruction.  The Elves were losing the war to the dragons.  The next day we left for Panstern, and reached Panstern uneventfully.  As Lytle can tell in more detail, Gondor told us that the Council had given Elkston magic abilities to watch us as we went on our way, and knew that Lytle had been following us.  Gondor told Lytle he believed the in the Boxer family's innocence, but Elkston was not.  Lytle was once again in disguise as a normal looking elf, but Gondor (shows the level of magic elves possess) knew it was him.  When Lytle returned, he saw that Gondor and Elkston were in a dual, and Elkston killed Gondor.  With a little trickery of our own, namely polymorph spells and the portable hole we were able to get together and find Gondor.  I used the speak with dead spell, and he told us to get out of here as soon as possible, as he had given Lytle a magic device to bring us back to Pleasantville.  As we were about to leave, Elkston tried to get in, but Hewill's Wizard Locked door would not permit that.  We escaped barely, and Hewill later told us that he could sense Elkston was a VERY powerful mage. 

    We retreated out about a mile from the city and decided to go back after we saw a huge location spell go off from the city.  From what we could tell the city was in chaos looking for us.  We found our way back to Pleasantville alive.  Many questions have arisen, and many we have no idea for any answers, others we have an inkling.  We have tons of rumors, dragons, drow, wizards, and other forms of evil.  What we do know is there is a war in the north, and someone needs to step up and help bring the balance back to the good, and stop the war in the north.  While I know that we face great danger, and I do realize that we will probably die, it is not in me to turn away from this opportunity.  As adventurers there is something within us that will not allow us to walk away, this is our time.  Heroes are born in great opportunity...