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as written by the players)

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Hewill Makit's Synopsis on "Elven Secrets"
written by Alex Kleinfehn

game played Nov. 24, 2004

An adventure to the North:  Information About Lytle’s Family and a Dragon / Elvish War

Told from the eyes of Warlock Hewill Makit

Aside from my duties to the city of Pleasantville as the head of sanitation, and head magic-user (for the time being might I add since there are far more qualified magic-users in the realm), I have decided to seek an advisor position to the King of Givemea; possibly starting a council of Senators with the King’s permission.  All of this put aside, while I was designing the new sewer systems of Pleasantville, I get a visit from my good friend and well regarded High Priest, Solomon Pras.  We talked about old times:  fighting bandits, kobolds, minotaurs, and of course, dragons.  As time passes, we eventually came to the subject of Gary, the Green.

    Much time has passed since I’ve adventured with Solomon; I didn’t realize how well he kept up with the whole Green deal.  I have been busy as intern mayor of Pleasantville for a good year and now taking a smaller role as head of sanitation to pursue a bigger role, Senator.  Anyways, Solomon informed me that the Greens are not finished.  Kraktokrin (Gary's cousin) was back to his old ways again.  You see awhile ago Kraktokrin left a note for our good, but unfortunately Elfish friend Lytle Boxer about the Dragon/Elf War to the north.  Solomon said the Avengers are going to investigate the note Kraktokrin left.

    The Avengers….formally know as Lytle Boxer, Urza Van Burance, Solomon Pras, and Hewill Makit.  We all met in the town square, except for Urza.  He could not accompany us on the investigative journey to the north as he was now the mayor of Pleasantville.  Filling if for Urza was a skilled fighter named Derick Stormbringer. 

    As the day of the journey approached, it was time to dust of my pack, saddle up my horse, and prepare my spells.  Oh how I hate adventuring!  Everything smelled like dead kobolds and some of my spells have not been used it sometime.  I had to read back up and study the complex spells the Avengers would need for this adventure.  Near the final hour before leaving, I had a change of heart about going with the Avengers to the north.  I hate traveling north since only bad things are up there (aka elves and what not).  I'm too old and at a different point in my life now to be going adventuring, especially northward!  Lytle's words of jewels and Solomon's promises of gold, frankincense and mere were all too attractive for me to pass up.

    So the Avengers set forth north towards the capitol city of Swatrs, Scontoft, possible even further if the information we wanted is up there.  We would be traveling through many Elvish towns before we hit our destination.  The first stop would be through Swarfen.  At the gate, the Elvish guards treated us very terribly.  As all know, the Avengers do not exactly hide our movement so Swarfen knew we were coming, especially being an Elvish city!  But they treated the Avengers as if we stole something from them.  How typical, Elves and their egos!  Hopefully one day they will learn.  After giving the guards an earful, we were let in but told to not cause any problems or else.  The guards paid an especially keen eye on Lytle, possibly because he was the only elf among us humans

    It was late in the day and the Avengers had been on the road for a couple days already….Lytle, Derick and I were thirsty so we did what we always do when we settle down in a town for the night….headed towards the bar.  Not too much happened that night, but it was a very good night.  Good nights are followed by bad mornings though; my headache hurt badly.  Luckily High Priest Solomon Pras found out some information while in this town.  The Elvish towns Moundsten and Silvenstenn had been totally destroyed; burnt to the ground by dragons.  Much like Clir was a little over a decade ago.

    The next city we entered was the Elvish capitol, Scontoft.  For some reason, Elves and their many, many troubles found the Avengers in Scontoft.  After being rudely accepted in by the city guards, we found out the High Council of Scontoft wanted a meeting with the Avengers.  Before being let into the city (actually even before hitting the city gate) I put an invisibility spell on Lytle so the group would not get so much attention.  It did not work I guess since we were being "escorted" by Elves to their High Council.  (Lytle has been attracting attention in his homeland for some reason).

    In the meeting, we find out that Lytle's family has been banished from Swatrs for crimes against the country.  That is all we were told, might I add told quite rudely.  We plead our Noble cause to the council about heading north for information and possibly helping up there.  We are permitted to leave and head north under the accompany of three guards from the city and told to head further north to find our information we seek. I think they were ordered to come with us to follow Lytle who was hiding still.  (Great more elves with us!).  The Elves names that accompanied us were Gondor, (an older elf who seemed decent enough, but was still an elf), Arden (younger than Gondor with a tact about him the Avengers did not like), and Elkston (the youngest elf who thought the world is his playground, watch him run).  Elkston seemed a little too… can I up it, information seeking for my and the groups liking.  He tried asking what spells I'm capable of casting (no decent magic-user gives his secret away!).

    Anyways, Elkston could not be trusted due to his flamboyant ego.  Arden was the same in a lesser degree.  Solomon spoke with Gondor about the Boxer family and found out that they were banished for supposedly dealing with the drow race.  It seemed that Gondor didn't completely believe the story he tells, but Elkston and Arden ate it up wholeheartedly.

    We communicated with Lytle, who was shadowing the group for a couple days while we headed towards Ponst.  On the way, we ran into an old friend, the Barbarian name Lortap.  It was known to the Avengers that Lytle took a polymorph self potion and came upon us as Lortap.  Lortap (aka Lytle) warned us of a score of Ogres about a quarter mile down the road ready to ambush the group.  The Avengers, without the help of the egotistical elves set up a preemptive ambush to counter the Ogres' ambush.  They were taken care of quite nicely might I add (lightning bolts go crack).

    After the battle, the elves had a little more respect for the Avenger seeing how we handed ourselves in battle together very formidably.  It's not the fact that we are great fighters, clerics, or magic-users that make the Avengers so good; it's our teamwork and ability to come up with plans to accomplish our objectives that make us so deadly.  After the battle and talking with the Avengers, we realized we errored in letting the elves see how we battle together…information comes at a price and should never be given for free!

    It took a lot of arguing with the elves, especially Elkston in order to let Lortap be on his way.  The Avengers knew it was Lytle is disguise, but Elkston was wondering why a barbarian was running around the Swatrs.  After some time, they did let Lortap the barbarian leaver.  I wanted to give Lortap an invisibility spell (and tried to), but Elkston interrupted my spell!  Does he know what can happen if you interrupt a magic-user casting a spell, especially a complex one!!!  Three little words…BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!!!  Luckily I was able to control the magic as I've cast invisibility many times.  Simple fighters, especially this elf do not understand the power within magic!

    We reached Ponst without anymore incidents.  As we found out in this town, the north is ridden with more destruction.  More reason for the Avengers to go north I figure.  On to Panstern!

    We reached Panstern also uneventfully, which is always a good thing.  We racked up in the local gold piece inn once again.  Lytle had a plan to contact the Avengers right under the noses of the elvish guards.  Lytle used another polymorph self potion and polymorphed into a different looking elf.  As he entered the gold piece inn, Gondor was sitting at a table waiting for Lytle.  He knew it was Lytle polymorphed, knew Lytle was following us all along, and knew Lortap was actually Lytle.  Gondor is quite the astute elf; I'd almost consider him on the level of a semi-intelligent human if he did not have such pointed ears.

    He proceeds to tell Lytle that he (Gondor) is actually a friend of Lytle's family.  Gondor is here to help us.  He warned us that Elkston isn't what he appears to be.  Elkston has been reporting back to the High Council of Swarfen about our movements.  Gondor says that he is almost sure that Elkston hasn't caught on that Lytle has been following the Avengers….for now.

    Lytle leaves the inn and finds which room I was staying in.  While he was gone, Solomon hears a ruckus.  I ask Solomon to describe this ruckus.  As it turns out, Elkston and Gondor were dueling for some reason in the hallway outside our rooms.

    I see Lytle outside my window after also hearing this ruckus.  He tells me we have to get out of here; something doesn't feel right about Elkston.  I use the group's portable hole and a complicated polymorph self spell to pick up the rest of the Avengers.

    Before we head out of town, I wanted to see what the ruckus with Elkston and Gondor was about.  I just had cast a polymorph spell on myself so it would be easy to pass by as a flee unseen my Elkston with the group in the portable hole.  To our dismay, we find Gondor's body slain in his room.  High Priest Solomon Pras casts speak with dead since we needed more information from him.  Information does not come cheap so we needed to take advantage of the questions we have.

    Solomon finds out that we must leave at once!  Elkston in actually in disguise as a powerful magic-user and Arden is a much more powerful fighter than we figured him to be.  After getting the information we sought, Solomon lets Gondor's soul rest with Paladine.
    Next, the Avengers leave through the window of Gondor's room.  Elkston was actually outside the door while Solomon was speaking with the dead, but could not get it because I used a simple spell on the door, wizard lock.  I thought to myself, "He's a mighty magic-user….so easy to trick him though!  I tricked this powerful magic-user twice; once passing by him with a polymorph self spell and once with a simple wizard lock!  Stupidity should not be rewarded! 

    I let everyone out of the portable hole once we were outside of town and in the woods.  We saw a huge ball of light expanding from the city.  Gondor gave Lytle a teleportation device that would bring us to Pleasantville if we so needed.  Turned out we did need it.  The Avengers did not know what this ball of expanding light was; even I didn't know what it was, someone who studied magic in my earlier days.  It was actually a powerful locate person spell, most likely made by Elkston.  He must be pretty powerful to make his own spells, but not the brightest bulb in the batch of magic-users.

    I end my journey back in Pleasantville with all of the Avengers alive and well.  As I finish my log, I realize how much my bones hurt; I'm getting too old for this!  Haven't I done enough for the good of the world already?  It is not my job to save the north, only help the group accomplish our goal.  I guess if our goal is to help the north/elves in their battle, then so be it.  One more time around before hanging up the boots and retiring from adventuring to become a Senator won't hurt…..