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as written by the players)

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Cooncarin's Synopsis on "Home Sweet Home"
written by Sergio Meyer

Finding (and saving) my people:
A story written in the perspective of Cooncarin Trunks

It had started out just like any day with me off to the shipyard to do my work, when a knock came to my door. Even though I was late I answered the door and to my surprise it was a half elf, and a female at that. Her name was Umberi and she was asking for my help. (At this point I was willing to do anything for her.) It turns out the few adventures I’ve been on have made me more famous then I thought, because a small village north of Givemea was in danger and required my help. She said she knew who I was and that she was hoping my friends and I would help her save the village from some hill giants. I accepted and offered her a place to stay the night. She agreed but only if her friends and brother could stay too. I accepted and soon her brother Sanuel, and friends Brader and Berker were making themselves at home in my home.

    The next morning I found my usually crew and a few new members to come with me. After we had gathered our gear, the gnome and dwarf started to argue about something, but also found something they agreed on, namely that they hated Half Elves. They tried to hide it from me by speaking a different language but unfortunately for them I understood them. Most embarissing on their part I’m sure. We almost got to the village when we were attacked by some small ugly humanoids. They attacked with their fists and I knew they didn’t stand a chance against us. We finished them off with minimal damage, to me anyway. I had to use my clerical spells to heal a couple of friends and we were off again. The two worst fighters of the battle, the gnome and dwarf, decided to celebrate the successful battle by smoking. I had no idea how addicting that stuff must be for such small creatures. It seems to be affecting their battle too.

    After two days of traveling we arrived in the village. We set up a place to sleep and made plans for the attack the next day. To bad for us the hill giants had different plans. In the middle of the night tons of buildings were being demolished by humongous boulders. We had no choice but to put our armor on and prepare to attack. It took a while but it was deffinitly worth it. We then continued outside and charged for a surprise attack. We all took diffirent directions to kill them quicker. I was pretty sure we could handle them two on one, but it was very close. I was paired with the gnome, but he was absoulutly no help. The second we found the giant he was knocked unconscious by a rock and I was left alone. I managed to kill him by myself but I was very close to death. I healed the gnome (His name was Merry, but we’ll still call him The Gnome) and we left to find the others. By the time we got there the battles were all over. Two were dead, but two ran away. We also found out that Sanuel and Berko were dead. The village was devastated and the villagers begged us to kill the last two. We were happy to because we knew there was plenty of treasure in a hill giants lair. The next morning we headed out with Brader and found the last two. We managed to kill them pretty fast and found plenty of gold. Enough to make me happy anyway.

    On the way home there were a few confontations, but mostly between each other. The gnome and Dwarf kept fighting, so I was forced to split them up with the help of some magic. After arriving into Givemea I successfully bought a magical shield and then donated some gold to the church. In the end I completed my first major quest and met a village of my own kind. But this isn’t enough for me, because I hope to be the most powerful half elf ever to prove those evil racist men and women wrong about us mix breeds. Oh yeah, I also was happy to learn from the Gods that I was born from two half elves and they were married. This means I’m a purebred half elf, and not a bastard either.