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Lucky Luck's Synopsis on "The Huts"

written by Mike Schwieters

    As I am planning to go out adventuring, I wonder who I should go with.  I know that I will take my friend Cyrus Wardenfell, a female cleric.  She knows a thief that also would like to go adventuring, I can't remember the thief's name, but for some reason we always called her Jeremy, maybe for short.  She is very hot tempered as you will find out later in the story.  We couldn't think of anybody else to travel with so we went to a bar, and sure enough we met a very strong cleric that wanted to go, and he knew a magic user that wasn't a beginner either.  So it was I a very strong man with lots of experience and a bit of an ego I admit (but who doesn't).  A cleric, another stronger cleric, a thief, and a magic user.  That makes five adventurers, and that is the perfect amount.

We decided to go to The Huts because the thief had a full map of it and we wanted to fight dinosaurs.  Anyway, we decided not to go on the trial, but cross the plains strait for the trail to the Forest of Blackness.  It took us two days to get there.  We only had to fight one creature.  I don't know the name of it but it had legs like a goat and an upper body of a human, it also had horns on its head.  The lower experienced cleric easily took care of it, and we all went back to bed.  So the next morning we headed out again, and reached the black forest.  We camped a little way from the entrance and started to take our shifts, I had first shift,  the two clerics on the next, and the thief and magic user on the last shift.  The night was as peaceful as the day, nothing at all to bother us.  The next day we entered the black forest, in a single file line riding on our horses, in this order: First it was I, second was the thief, third was the magic user, fourth was the stronger cleric, and fifth was Cyrus.  We made it to a clearing that another group of adventurers made and slept there for the night.  We used the same shifts, and again nothing happened.

The next day we set off again, this time something did come, it was a herd of elephants that were eleven feet tall, at least.  So being the stupid people that we are we chased the elephants, trying to speak to them and let us use them make a path threw the dark forest that was bigger, and easier to travel.  Well we forgot to look behind us and find what made the elephants stampede, so when we were chasing the elephants 8 dire wolves attacked us.  They took down my heavy war horse and me with it.  Soon 7 of them were on me and my horse, I got a minor scratch out of it but my horse was hurt pretty bad.  Luckily I had a ring of protection plus three or I probably would have died.  Anyway I used my strength to stand up and start fighting three of them.  On the first round one hit me but for a puny amount of damage, I yelled at it,  "If I wanted a kiss I would call you mother." Of course it wouldn't understand me but it made me feel better.  Soon enough I killed two wolves, while the magic user is in a tree invisible, and the thief is in a tree shooting rocks at he wolves.  The magic user has a psuedo dragon, so it puts one of the wolves into a deep sleep for one to six days and it might also kill the wolf.  Soon enough all of the wolves are down, so we continue on the trail, and make it to the huts.

We get there at about supper time, so we eat.  After we get done, the high level cleric that we called Pat for some reason, started a conversation with the dead tree that has an elf picture in its bark.  It doesn't give much information, so we try to burn it, doesn't work.  I get sick of it so I go open the door to the stone hut and tell every body to get in.  Soon the floor drops 50 feet and we go through the only door.  Once we enter it, gas comes out and makes everybody sleep.  Once we wake up we feel like we have a hangover, and all of our stuff is scattered around, but everything is there.  We decide to go back to sleep so we take the same shifts.  On my shift I saw a figure come out a door that was all full of light and travel across the room and enter the next door.  It looked like it was floating.

When we woke up the next morning, I described what happened to our group.  But they didn't pay much attention to it.  So the thief found the room with the stirgis, and the figure that I saw last night went into the treasure room.  We didn't care, we wanted treasure, so Pat opened the door while I was waiting with a silver arrow in hand and a bastard sword in the other (I didn't have a bow because it broke when the wolves attacked).  The creature came out and went straight threw Pat and went out the exit.  Pat was knocked unconscious.  We then decided to bring Pat into the treasure room, and start counting the treasure.  We ended up finding 500 sliver pieces, 150 electrum pieces, and 1 gem, or so we thought.

Anyway Pat came back to consciousness and didn't trust the thief, so he casted detect lie, and asked the thief if he took a gem, and she did.  The thief for some reason would not give it back, but Pat refused to let the thief go, so after about an hour of arguing, I got tired of it.  I would just simply solve this problem myself.  So I unsheathed my bastard sword and told the thief, that she better give it to Cyrus, or I would kill her.  She then, threw the gem at the wall.  If she would have broken it she would have been dead in an instant.   Well she is hot tempered so then she left, and climbed out of the huts, and threatened to take our horses.  She didn't expect that the magic user would use spider climb or on the magic users psuedo dragon.  So after some talking to, the thief came back down, but we had one other problem, the magic users spider climb wore off and now he was holding on to the bottom ledge of the door.  The thief then tied his fifty foot rope to a tree, and let the magic-user climb down. The rope didn't quite make it to the bottom, so Pat had a rope of climbing and attached it to the thief's rope.

When we finally got back together, we decided to go down the next level.  We walked down a level, and saw three doors.  Anyway, the thief knew about a room that had gems on the ceiling, it was the middle door, but when we got in there the was no gems on the ceiling, it was as smooth as glass, so we did detect magic on the ceiling and as we figured it was a trap.  So then we casted dispel magic on the ceiling and it came down, then the thief went up there and threw all the gems down there were 37 low quality gems.  Then we went through the door to the right cause I new a place where we found great magic.  I don't have the maps, but we ended up in that room and all the traps were still set off from the last time we came in here.  So then, Pat wanted to fight the dinosaurs, but we had to sleep.  So then on my shift I fell asleep, and when we awoke we wer't fight with others and lose time to explore.  As I think of this adventure one word comes to mind, Pathetic.  Oh well, next time I won't go with a thief and a cleric.

Peace, Lucky Luck the skilled warrior.