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2004 Adventure Reviews

(reviews of games through the eyes of the characters
as written by the players)
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Enrico's Synopsis on "My First Adventure"
written by Enrico Meyer

This was my first adventure ever as a DND player:

    One day, I, decided to go on an adventure.  My name is Enrico.  A fighter named Tipton was going to be our leader.  He brought along Collin, Adam, Cory and Danny.  That was our group.  We decided we should all head to Dogrums Keep.  It was a dungeon.  Me being a little pathetic cleric, I was very intimidated by these other people.
    Well, we head on our way and I started talking to the other players.  Cory was really cool.  He didn’t like Amazon Women too much.  We made camp our first night, and some bandits attacked us.  Tipton didn’t seem too afraid at all.  Cory was ready for battle.  Collin just cast sanctuary.  We fought them and took them all out; Tipton and Cory killing the most.  Collin, Adam, and I felt a little left out, so we bashed their heads in with our hammers.  Boo Ya. 
    The next day we kept riding, and that night we came across some lava people.  The walked up to us, looked at our staffs and things, but kept away from our metal weapons.  Then they demanded Cory’s portable hole.  Cory wasn’t cool with that, and an argument proceeded to break out.  Then a fight broke out.  Collin cast sanctuary.  We found that our metal weapons did nothing against them.  So, I busted out my staff and did some damage.  Cory took one of them for a ride on his flying broomstick.  We couldn’t kill them all because they were simply too strong, so we let them take the portable hole.  They left laughing. 
    The next day, we made it to Dogrums Keep.  We went inside and started to do some real adventuring.  As we were walking around, I decided to open a door and I got pulled inside.  A bandit from the group of bandits we killed was holding a knife to my neck.  He demanded to my group that we return the gold and other things we took from him.  Tipton and Cory said no.  The bandit then made a small cut in my neck.  Collin cast sanctuary.  Then, Cory and Tipton annihilated them.  Rock on. 
    Next thing I knew, we went to a different room.  Then this fuzzy thing arrived.  Right when he appeared, he said hello.  Then Tipton said, "oh hi Meeko".  This was my first encounter with Meeko.  He was a magical fuzzy creature.  He was very weird.  Cory was getting impatient talking to him.  Then he disappeared.  Then this other fuzzy thing appeared.  His name was Keeko.  Tipton talked to him too.  Cory was now getting real impatient.  I think he wanted to kill them.  Then Keeko left and Meeko appeared again.  He noticed me and asked if I was new.  I said yes.  Then they kept talking, and all of a sudden, I vanished and was back at my house. 

Editors note, this was my first ever DND game back in 5th grade.  I will never forget it.  Quite possibly one of the finest games I have ever played because I was with the older kids, and we all know Spoden is hilarious.  Well, that about does it.