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Soloman's Synopsis on "Kraektokrine"
written by Brent Oja

    This is truly a special night, you think to yourself, as you look up at the stars and the moon.  A bright evening is nothing unique in the land of Tenne with two suns revolving the planet.  But this night is unique, for it is not the suns the provide the light, it is the moon.  While the added light provides an extra sense of security, the eerie light still beckons you to stay awake on your shift.  This being your first night out on an adventure, you are naturally a bit nervous, but at the same time thrilled.  Only a select few have the physical and more importantly mental prowness for the “life on the road” as the veterans call it.
    In your younger days you would often ask these adventures why do they keep coming back to the open roads and face terrible danger.  You know you can’t fully realize why just yet, but you are beginning to understand.  The sense of adventure, freedom, wealth, and glory are too much to resist.  As the wise (well at least sometimes) High Priest Solomon Pras told you once, “Death is certain, glory is possible, but a true sense of life and purpose is not always certain”.  While puzzled, Solomon always seemed to speak almost a different language, he used the same words as everyone else, but just in an abstract method, you start to realize what he meant.  You feel liberated, and most importantly alive on the open road.  If you had stayed home and gone to the shop to work everyday, you’d be alive, but not really living.  With a smile of contention on your face, you hear a soft but stern voice say, “What are you so happy about” as you feel a cool slice of metal applied to your neck.  Your smile quickly fades as you look up the one who has just sentenced you to death.  It was either the smirk on his face or the deep chuckle behind you that give away the rouse.  Lytle Boxer took back this dagger, and you hear Solomon Pras laughing behind you repeating, “The look on your face!!!”. 
    While a bit embarrassed, you do realize this duo might be the most powerful in Givemea, if not Tenne…  That’s not to mention their companions, Urza, Hewill, and a host of others.  After a bit of cheers and jeers Solomon askes for your attention.  “Well my friend, I seem to have another story for you, be it a good one, yet again we have unfinished business…”  He hands you a scroll, “I need you to deliver this to Micaleb Gorgen, he is an unkown, but known to us, agent of one of your enemies.  See that he gets this, and tell him to bring it to his “large” employer, he’ll get the gist of it, you’ll find him in the Vulgar Unicorn in Giveamea, Paladine be with you…” with that he lets you return to your party.

Through the eyes of Solomon Pras:
    “My dear Kraektokrine”,
    Those word were once said by your cousin Dítargarykrotgrom, and now it is I that use them.  I do hope that you get this letter, it would do both you and I well.  Funny it is that we should gain conflict between ourselves.  “Gary” as we “subordinate” humans called him was a lot like you, that is of course until he was killed by Silvenesti the Silver.  Though in a lightening bolt from a mage, and a hammer from yours truly was the end of him.  And as I’m sure you know, the death of the pregnant green was our doing as well.  I enjoyed killing Gary’s mate as he was fighting for himself in the air with Silvenesti.  Funny, again a difference between humanoids and dragons yet again.  Humans having compassion, and the ability to love would have gone to help his or her mate, but the selfish (the root of your demise I might add, don’t worry, I’ll explain later) attitude of the dragon kept Gary in the air and away from his dying mate. 
    Now, that is not the difference between you and Gary, that is as simple as setting a trap that works and one that back fires on you (laughing).  As I do recall the battle not so long ago, it was you who sent out two of your offspring to fight the mage and I on the carpet.  Granted, at this juncture of the battle, I really thought we were in a bind.  You had split us up, something you knew you had to do and could do easily with the hostages.  I’m sure you couldn’t help but smile when you saw three different sub groups form out of our main group.  Two on the carpet, the mage and I, Urza and Derek running into the complex of the arena, and Lytle going for the hostages.  It was all working so well wasn’t it?  Your best bull-men guarding the prisoners, and you and three of your own kin to take care of the leftovers.
    Lets reminese shall we?  When and what went wrong for the green?  As far as I see it, you underestimated the attacks of those on the carpet.    Within half a minute two of your greens were dead, one was left to chase the duo on the carpet.  While using your toxic breath took down the mage, the other green got a bit too close.  With a WACK the last green was headed for “the bench” if you will J  .  At this moment, I saw you finally get off your rear and decide to do something.  Unfortunatly, my friend was dying and I had to heal him.  I really didn’t think you’d let me do that, so I was forced to take cover to heal him.  Upon my return I saw the “great” Kraektokrine fleeing, with a prisoner.
    Now I will admit, I fled in that battle just as you did, however I returned and I fled to help another.  Unlike you who did know such thing for your companions, who apparently were related to you.  And managed to leave with a hostage, so please lets not be hypocritical and not claim humans are weak and “subordinate”.  Because if we were, then why did you leave? You see, that is your fatal flaw.  By you I mean the evil races, for the metallic dragons have been known to work together (without bribing one another).  Evil does and fundamentally can not work together, while the good races do.  As the saying goes, a fist is stronger than an open palm.  Evil will never rule, and our clan will always be in yours and evil’s way of domination.  As for the girl, we are awaiting instructions, we will find her, and for your sake, you had best hope you can set a better trap, or not be present.  By the way, the Litch no longer haunts that island.

High Priest Solomon Pras