Melrose Troop 68's
Dungeons and Dragons Game Review

Solomon Pras' Synopsis on

'The Death Of Gary, The Dragon Lord'
written by: Brent Oja
(gamed played on ??,??, 2001)

The water ran through the city streets as if it was a river. In the monsoon like conditions, everyone was running for cover in the capitol city of Givemea. You can not help but think that has to be one of the largest ...and fearless ...storms you have ever laid your eyes upon. You also can not help but wonder what is the cause of this storm, it appears that it is not natural... While you are running to your nice, warm, comfortable, above all else ...dry house. On your way you notice that the streets are pretty well empty by now, most are under shelter. You knew you should have left the tavern soon, but the thought of "one more" did not escape your thoughts. Now you are paying for it by running through the cold, muddy, slippery ....WHOOOP! Down you fall onto your back side. Your vision is very fuzzy, but you do not black out. You shut your eyes because the rain hurts too much as it comes down in sheets. Then suddenly the rain stops open your eyes.

Unfortunately, all you see is a face with a long nose pointing at you. The face says, "Ohhhh, pitter patter, the young man has slipped and fallen ...what is he ever to do?" The group of about 5 start to laugh, some are looking around for people. You begin to realize you are in dire need of some help, some bandits have surrounded you, they will take what they want, then kill you. You start to cry out for help, which pulls everyone attention to you, including a blade to your throat. You look around, between their legs. You see to forms coming towards the group, one is walking on top of the mud, his feet are not sinking into the mud. The other form's feet are sinking greatly into the mud. You think that you are pretty well dead now, this is probably their leaders, a powerful one, and a magical form that walks upon mud. Then two of the bandits hit the ground, one hard, the other didn't make a sound. You see an elf form gracefully overtaking some of the bandits, while the other form is forcefully throwing them down. You see the large man has black skin.... After calling the constables, the man you know as Solomon Pras, the Black, introduces you to Lytle Boxer, the elf that helped you out. Sol tells you that if you hadn't of screamed, you would have been doomed. You have met Sol before, in the local tavern, Sol brings you to the church to get you cleaned up, and Lytle parts for urgent business. Sol sits you down, and explains his trails with gary have... ended... (at least he utterly wishes so...) 

Through the eyes of Solomon Pras: 

I am a stupid fool my friend. I allowed vengeance and hate to persuade me to go on a quest that I knew would cost the cause of the good dearly. In this case, it was a silver dragon, that courageously gave his life to bring the Balance of Power back to a normal level. Do you remember what I told you of Gary the Green? Well, now that almost all in the area know, Gary has been slain, yes I had the killing blow, but one hundred percent of the credit belongs to Silvenesti, the Silver. I would tell you of our travels to Gary's 'resort' area, but all of that seems irrelevant now... 

While in the town, we were contacted by Silvenesti, he had not told us that he was a dragon, in human form. He told us that we did not have time to search for the weapons intended to kill Gary, we had to go now, or all could be lost. Apparently, some of 'our' scouts had located an area near a lake in Minta, and this area was 'Gary's Vacation Spot' if you will. We also found out that Gary's mate was pregnant. We knew it would be impossible to kill Gary in his lair, along with his minions. And now we had found the best possible situation to kill Gary. Now you must realize, the ONLY reason this dragon helped the cause because it was not OUR cause, it was the cause of all good creatures. We encountered a few displacer beasts. But we killed them off, and ended up killing some owl bears at the site of the 'resort'. Then we waited... this area had been molested by chlorine, probably Gary killing off any inhabitants of the area. Everything seemed about one half dead. We sat for a couple of days waiting, until Gary made his entrance... 

Down they came upon us, fate had it that we were spread out, if not, we would have surely parished. The fight was on, Silvenesti, exploded into his Silver form, going into combat with Gary in the air. That was quite the site. As "fate" had it, his mate came directly for me. After a vigorous battle, with help from others, we were able to slay the mate. I then went in to make sure the fetus was killed. The battle in the air was a spectacular site. Then they both fell into the lake, the battle went on under the water for a few min. One dragon emmerged...... his scales were green. Gary was on his last breaths of life. But the hatred I saw in his eyes was so intense as he came after me, I thought i was surely done for. As it was, I threw my Spiritual Hammer at him, and after I dodged all three of his attacks, my hammer hit him square in his head taking the last of his life, immediately after that Ake's lightning bolt hit his head, sending the head in a million pieces, (there went my trophy :( ). After that, Silvinisti raised his head above the water making sure he was dead, when he saw the remains of Gary, he smiled and sunk below for all eternity. Some Minotaurs that were apart of the alliance to over throw Gary escorted us to Giveamea. We returned, gave the King the information that he needed, had feast, and celebrated. But I for one, is saddened, for the loss of such a great Silver dragon. What have I done? Through my petty 'vengeance' I just had to get him back didn't I? With that you can see tears in his eyes and he looks out a window. It is time for you to go I believe, you know who I am, come and get me if you need me. May Paladin be with you, and may he protect me from the wrath of green........