Melrose Troop 68's
Dungeons and Dragons Game Review

Fortunato's Synopsis on

'Gibberlings and Minotaurs'.
written by: Enrico Meyer
(gamed played on May 27, 2001)

Did We Just Find Out Some Important Information?? 
By: Fortunato Feroce  

Well, it was a usual day as always in the city of Givemea. Just as usual as it is whenever we start an adventure. I went with my friends on an adventure down to Atad’s Domain. I might add that I became rich after an adventure to this dungeon when I was younger. As we traveled down there, we found a magic shop in a town by the name of Onry, I think. There, Mackeli, Lytle, and I bought a rope of climbing. Lytle bought a scroll of elemental protection: water. Lytle also purchased some magical arrows. 

As we went down to Atad’s, we found a creature. I forget what it was, but we killed it very easily. Right after we killed it, Urza popped out of nowhere. We all continued to adventure. As we were walking down, seventy-two of some creature attacked us. I also forgot their name. As the massacre of the creatures was going on, I noticed that it was getting very dark and stormy out. It didn't matter though, I just wanted to kill the little things. We took them out very easily. 

After that , we searched for a lair. Well, we found one, with another 200 running around. Well, as we were planning what to do, a scout spotted us and yelled something. Almost all of them attacked us, but Hewill was ready and cast a stinking cloud. Too bad it only hit eight of them. We took them out very easily. It wasn't a problem at all. Right when we were going to their village to see what they had, a lightning bolt struck a hut and coins went everywhere. We picked up what we could, headed back to Onry and see what the deal was. 

Right when the storm was over, the storm suspiciously ended. Hmmmm. As we entered the town of Onry, we found out that the Mayor's, who we knew very well, house was hit by lightning and his family was dead. We tried to go to his house, but the idiot guards wouldn't let us. Suddenly, an old man just walked in. Thank god the Mayor came out and allowed us to come in. He asked if we knew Gary the dragon and we said he did. Then the old man started talking about how Gary is shifting the balance of power or something and how he wants to take over the world, and blah blah blah. He said he wanted us to kill Gary and if we accepted he would tell us how. He said we need three magical items. They were a horn of blasting, which was guarded by an elemental. A Wand of Lightning, which was guarded by a golum. And finally, a necklace of adaptation, which was last seen around a neck of a dragon turtle. The guy said he would give us a couple of days to think about the quest and whether we would take it or not. 

Anyway, we teleported down to Bont and continued to the dungeon. Once we were at the dungeon, some satyres came out. You know, the short guys with the goat legs. Well we talked to them , and they made me mad, so I said BaAAHHHH. Well, they took that a little offensively, and they drew their weapons. No problem, I wouldn't mind killing them. Well, they left and we yelled out BAHHH again and they threw a spear at us. Urza threw it back at them. 

We entered the dungeon and started looking around. We found some keys with the letters A and a P on it. We went around for some more time and found a minotaur named Rob in a jail cell. We talked to him and found out he hated Gary. We let him out, but he attacked Solomon. Well, we just took him off Solomon and told him to shut up if he wanted to stay with us. We looked around for a while and found some screaming Devilkins. We disposed of them easily. Still looking around, we found a giant brain thing and Urza killed it with ease. After looking around some more, we found an arena. In there, there was three minotaurs, and Rob attacked them and died. Didn't matter to me. After going around some more, we found a secret door with a bunch of treasure. We took it all and headed home. On the way to Bont, we found some fools who demanded a toll from us. We said no, and the turned into tigers, hence, they were weretigers. We took their lives very quickly and headed home. That concluded our adventure. I am still very happy because I have 29,000 gold. HEHEHE.