Melrose Troop 68's
A Dungeons and Dragons Review
Urza Van Burace's Synopsis on
'The Trap'.
written by: Mike Linnemann
(gamed played on December 31, 2000)

The Tragic tale of Urza Van Burace

    One uneventful morning do I find a note saying to meet someone in two days, enclosed is a lock of hair and it smelled of perfume. (hmm Amazons?) My adventuring buddies also got notes from sources. Soloman from a green being, (dragon duh), Joe from someone carrying blood (vampire). So we met and on Soloman’s note it said to meet at Morey’s Maze, a destroyed dungeon. We left that day. Fortunato Feroce, Soloman Pras, Derick Stormbringer, Joe Boxer, myself and that pathetic magic user that always tags along. 

    From town we had two days to get the gates. Animal trails leading there seemed easiest. About the second day I believe we encountered dozens of giant ants. We left the creatures be and passed along.

    When we approached the final mountain, we ventured up and found a messenger on the trail. A dragon flew overhead and we hid to the bushes. After some time we got to talking to this mysterious stranger. He told us of a dragon up ahead. We followed.

    At the top of the hill a black dragon landed, (dang ugly!) and spoke a few words. Minotaurs teleported in and battle was underway. Fighting was easier because of Joe and Soloman casting prayer spells to help in battle. The da**ed dragon threw his acidic breath at us twice while fighting the 15 minotaurs. We killed them and went for the dragon. I dealt most of the damage and Joe finished it off.

    As soon as the final blow killed the black, Gary and his mate appear. He spoke to us casually and his mate threw her breath at us. I threw my sword at Gary.

    The next thing I remember is waking up on a table in Givemea. Evidently, Fortunato missed the breath and sweet talked the dragon into letting us live, if he took all our possessions. WE LOST ALL OF OUR MAGIC! 

    The next few weeks were recuperation. I was badly hurt from acid and my face is torn, as are the rest of my party. Joe is still dead sadly.

Sharpness of a hero

    After regenerating as much as possible from the greens, I spoke to my adventuring partners and we decided to set out to fight and find my extremely sharp broadsword back. Derick, Lytle, Soloman, Fortunato, myself and still that magic user came along.

    Clir was our first stop to find Opus who stole my sword. We encountered five harpies along the way. Lytle and the magic user went for the harpies singing. We held them back and killed the harpies easily. Ugly creatures I tell you. I grabbed 10 feathers for further reference.

    We arrived in Clir around dusk, Solomon conducted a locate object spell as he said. All we had to do was brush near bars and we would've found the sword. We didn't find it. The old Vulgar Unicorn was burned and closed by the King. We found it's “sequel.”

    Inside we did not find Opus. A large burly man decided to speak with me about him, he told me he ran to Rodun and was killed there with the sword. Without lifting a weapon we left.

    On to Rodun we rode. About a third to the forest of blackness did we find two chimeras eating horses. We fought them, mark two for the good guys. I took the dragon head off one of them. Soldiers from town noticed us and came to investigate. We talked and continued on. That night I was on shift when a giant worm, purple in color attacked us. It was surprisingly easy. This was third shift so sun came up and we found it's hole. I've heard those tunnels lead for miles so we ventured on.

    We arrived at the entrance to Rodun when we encountered three riders coming from the city. They greeted us, we talked and continued on.

    As soon as we saw the rebuilding city, the sight was astonishing. It was the thieves city, supposedly, and it was clean!

    We checked with the gate guard about Opus, no last name so we couldn't find him. He gave us one day passes to the city though. He wished us luck and we ventured in.

    Inside the place was about 50% masons and the like. Beautiful city. A marble castle! Unbelievable. We walked down the street and talked to a man called Rocky. We got some information out of him. He offered me a job as a scribe if I find the main dude of the town. He had no idea who the keeper of the town was, but his employer is named Quicksilver so we'll find out eventually. 

    Locate object spells were cast and we still couldn't find the blasted sword. 

    A small, dirty boy approached us and asked us the way to Rocky. We pointed and he ran to the man. 

    We got to see the castle from different angles, it was marble all the way around! I've seen that rock like three times before.

    Anyway, we left after we skipped supper and decided to leave the city of thieves. It seemed too eerie for it to be clean and inviting.

    The party left the same day and slept near the worm hole. During the third shift we encountered some halflings. New adventurers. There were about 40 of them. We asked to trade and they agreed. They had short swords and one had a ring of flying.

    We, having no magically enhanced tools had nothing to trade. They left as quickly as they appeared. The rest of the trip back to Givemea was uneventful. 

    In town we met with King Dor immediately. He greeted us outside the castle, since they had a new guard on duty and he wouldn't let us in.

    We spoke to him about the dragon incident a few weeks ago and about Rodun. He didn't like the dragon's news, or about the vampire's threat of a war. But the information on Rodun was old to him, but information is always good.

    We learned that his wife was pregnant over dinner. Twelve course, pretty nice. I met with the King's mage and cleric, Andrew and Hilman respectfully and the dinner went for several hours. I went home with a little too much to drink. Solomon helped me. 

 That basically concludes the trip for the magic sword.