Melrose Troop 68's
A Dungeons and Dragons Review
Fortunato Feroce's Synopsis on
'The Trap'.
written by: Enrico Meyer
(gamed played on December 31, 2000)

A Seriously Bad Adventure

Seen through the eyes of:   Fortunato Feroce

            It was what you could call a beautiful day.  Even I, a half-orc, could see beauty in this world.  Even though most humans shun me, I know few people that I could consider close to me and very good friends.  By the end of this adventure, I could say we had some problems, but we got through them.  Even though things turned out to be for worse.

            My friends Solomon Pras, a cleric of Paladin, and Joe Boxer, also a Paladin, each received notes from two different people.  One was from Gary, saying something that we should meet him at Morey’s Maze in two days.  The other was from Zombire, a vampire that had challenged Joe to a duel, or something like that.  

            The group and I decided to go to Morey’s Maze and see what was going one.  Solomon really wanted a shot at Gary, as so did most of us, but I think we could all sense a trap of some kind.  We had to go though, because if we didn't , Zombire said a war would take place in Givemea.  

            The group consisted of these people:   

             Urza Van Burace ­ a highly skilled fighter and considered the leader
              Joe Boxer ­ a very high cleric who also had a girdle of storm giant strength, making him very powerful.
              Fortunato Feroce (me) ­ a fighter, although not as skilled as Urza, I can hold my own and have learned many thing from him.  
              Solomon Pras ­ a high cleric, almost as good as Joe and helps the group
many times , even though we sometimes we give him a hard time. 
              Derek Stormbringer -  a fighter who is almost as good as Urza and knows many things about creatures, but he sometimes can get in arguments with us. 
              Willie Makeit -  a young mage who could soon be very powerful and
threatens us by saying he will take over the world.  We just laugh. 

            Thus, our group was set and we set off on two hard days of riding.  I donut exactly remember the trip, but I do remember beserkers attacking our group.  Urza and Solomon took them out very easily.  Then we set of to the Maze.

            Upon arriving, we noticed it was very, very dark outside.  As we rode to the trail, we heard a man coming down.  We all hide in the forest.  Urza and I got our longbows ready to attack.  A man came down the trail. 

            Solomon recognized him as the man who delivered his note to him.  The man tried to get us to come out, but we didn't and he left.  Finally, Solomon came out and spoke to the man.  Joe and I came out next, backing up Solomon.  We talked to the man and he told us to follow him and that we were walking into the biggest trap he had ever seen.  We said whatever and followed him.

            When we got to the clearing before the maze, we saw the man take a seat on the stone.  Then , a black dragon came out and also did fifteen minotaurs from the trees.  The dragon immediately used his breath weapon against us.  Luckily for Urza and me, it did not hit us.  We fought the minotaurs and took them out easily, I killed two.  The dragon used his breath weapon again and it did little harm to me.  We killed the black dragon.  Urza, Joe and I were the only ones standing.  We started to whip out our healing potions and just as we were about to use them, Gary and his female “girlfriend” landed.

            He told us not use the potions otherwise we would die. Well, my friends and I really didn't like how he gave us this ultimatum, so Urza threw his two handed sword at him.  That pissed off the female dragon, so she did her breath weapon and Urza and Joe went down.  That was just great because I was all by myself against two dragons.  I was ready to go down fighting when he started to have a little conversation with me.  Here is all that I remember of it :

 “ Who are you?  I do not remember you”

“ I am Fortunato Feroce sir”

“ Why weren't you on the thing to go rescue Solomon.  I don't remember seeing you there”

“That is because I wasn't.  I was very skilled as a fighter back then, so I didn't go. I probably would have died”

“Well, ok.  What have your friends said about me.”

“ Well, Solomon wants to kill you and my other friends sort of don't like you either.  I heard you kidnapped Solomon and my friends rescued him from you by paying 20,000 gold.”

            We then went on talking about other things, like the killing of the green dragons.  He asked if I was there and I said yes, but I didn't kill any.  He asked if I would have gone with to rescue Solomon and so on.  He asked you I didn't like a lot and I said I didn't like a Solomon sometimes because he would make fun of me and we would get in quarrels.  I said my best friends were probably Urza and Joe because they saved my life many of times.  

            Then he saved he would spare my life since I was a minority in this world and I didn't get much respect , just like himself.  I was very happy because I thought we would get to keep all of our stuff. Then he told me to take all the clothes off everyone except for undergarments because he thought since we looted a dragons lair, he should have our stuff. I pleaded with him a little saying most of the stuff came from other places , but he said no.  He did say I could keep once possession of mine to help my on my journey back.  I choose my magical plate mail.  I put all the magical items in one pile and all the other stuff in a different pile.  

            He said he would keep watch over me the night. I decided I would take a shift just in case.  I did  and I talked to him for a little bit.  I asked him who his enemies were, how he got so powerful. He really didn't give me the answers I wanted, so I went back to sleep.

            Next morning, I piled the bodies up in Urza’s cart and headed toward town.  On the way back, a group of bandits tried to stop me.  About nine.  Pathetic I thought to myself, I would take them out easily, even if I was alone without a weapon. 

            They told me to stop and hand over the goods, and I told them to screw off and said no.  They were just about to attack, when suddenly, Gary flew over, scaring them away.  If found two longs sword's and a couple of daggers on the ground , so I took them and made it safely back to Givemea.  I paid for three peoples raise dead , but not Joe's because Elf’s cannot be raised dead, so that brought our group alive.  I was very mad and even though Gary told me and my group not to bother him, he better watch out.  Because I am still mad.  And I know my group is also, especially Solomon.