Melrose Troop 68's
A Dungeons and Dragons Review
Soloman Pras' Synopsis on
'The Trilogy of Green'.
written by: Brent Oja
(games played November and December, 2000)


As you walk into the local bar in the fair town of Givemea, you look around at the various people.  You see a table in the back with a few robed figures, you walk closer to the table and notice various herbs and figurines.  You try to talk to these men, but one man shuts you up by saying, "You are not worthy of our company. Now get away!”

Being the persistent man you are, you ask again, “Who, or should I say what are you?”.  The same man who spoke to you before says, “I am not going to tell ye again, LEAVE!  The church is not concerned with your problems.  When you get some of your own money, and you give your tithe to the church, then maybe we’ll talk to ye again".

With that they erupt in laughter.  You start to exit the bar, when you hear one of these clerics call,  "Wait there young feller, why don't you go talk to the colored cleric over there, I’m sure he has a few words for ye!”  You look over to the other end of the bar, only to see a lowly figure sitting there, leaned over the table.  He is wearing cloak and you are unable to see his face, but you can, however, see one hand.  This hand is the hand of one of the black, or as the locals like to call it, colored, hand of Solomon Pras.  When you get closer to Solomon, you hear a member of the group of clerics say something about Solomon being killed by a green dragon.  With that you jump back, due to a head almost flying right into you.  Solomon had just flung his head up to gaze at the group of clerics.  As he does this, you can not help but look into his eyes, you have never, ever seen eyes filled with this much fire before.  The group of clerics just keep laughing at Solomon. 

He flings his chin up in the air about two inches then brings it back down and looks at you.  His fiery eyes still gazing at you, you start to mumble something after Sol asks you why you are annoying him.  Suddenly, his eyes soften up considerably and he lightly hits your arm saying, "Just relax, you are not my enemy.  I am just joking with you!  Have a seat.”  You engage into a conversation with him, and you find out that he is an adventure.  He also tells you not to mind the group that you previously talked to.  In his words, "Just a bunch of suck-ups who are high in the church's system due to their father's income rates.  We have too many of those now days.”  He tells you that he knows of a certain group of adventures.  

“There are a few that I do not wish to speak about, but I will tell about a few of them.  The first is Urza van Burace, a human fighter who is one of the strongest men in Tenne.  Urza is a good friend of mine, and I would put my life on the line for him, but I can not claim him to me my "best" friend, even though....I wish I could.  In a certain way, I do admire Urza, but I am not Urza, I am Solomon and I have to be my own person.”  With that he shakes his head.  

 "The next is my fellow cleric, Joe Boxer.  Joe and I do get along well, and the same goes for him as does Urza.  Unfortunately, I believe that there was a bit of a rivalry between us.  I will take the blame for that.  The fact is that Joe had an extremely powerful magical girdle that made him have the strength of a storm giant.  He was able to do so many more things that I could, and I became jealous.  There came a point were I actually wanted him to lose it.”  He then mumbles something about be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.

 "Joe is now deceased, but I would bet that we bring him back.”

 "And now we come to an interesting man, Hewill Makeit, an up and coming magic user.  Now, I have already told you that Joe and Urza were good friends of mine, but I do not consider them my best friends.  As of this time I do not have a single best friend, me being what I am, it is hard to gather the people's trust with my appearance. Hewill and I do get into quite a few arguments, but it is he, who I believe, could be one of my best friends.  Hewill has a lot to learn, but if the group stays intact, he will be very powerful one day.”

"Another person that I wish to speak of is Derik Stormbringer.  He is a fighter, who is quite strong, but not as much as Urza.  He is a very clever man, he has a lot of ideas, but it’s just that they do not work out often.”  With that you both start to chuckle.

"Last but not least is Fortunato, a half-orc.  Now you may be asking yourself why is he adventuring with a half orc?  Well he came with one time, and he proved useful, so we accepted him.  He has proven very useful, and he even saved all of our lives just a few weeks ago, but that did not turn out the way it should have.”
“I am going to tell you a story, it can be called a sad story, but it is a story that has not ended...”

Through the eyes of Solomon Pras:

It all started on fateful day when my group decided to go the Huts, a dungeon in the middle of the Forest of Blackness.  Along the way we encountered some worgs, very large wolf like creatures.  We were able to slay the worgs, but in the process of battle I accidentally threw my magic flail in the forest.  Thinking that Joe was right behind me, I went into the forest to look for the flail.  Well, I must have looked pretty stupid going into the forest alone, but mind you, Joe and I had a communication problem, and I thought he was coming with me, but as it turns out he stayed with the group.  I heard a THUMP, and then I awoke in the Lair of Gary the Green Dragon.  Probably one of the most evil powerful creatures in Minta.

He put a ransom on my head, and my friends came and paid it, saving me.  Ever since then, I have had a deep hatred for Gary, the things he did to me are unspeakable here.  

As time went on, my group become more and more powerful, we had some great magic, and our skill level was getting to be some of the best in the area.  Well, we had talked about getting revenge on Gary, and nothing really happened so we figured that we could catch him by surprise.  

On day, I was sitting around in the church when some of my friends came and summoned me.  They told me that people were mysteriously disappearing in the town of Pafic.  Well, being the heroes that we are, we went right away.  There was a merchant and a young lady who seemed to be his daughter that had told us of the news.  

We made our way to Pafic, to find out that people had been disappearing, and rumor had it that they been taken to the Temple of Argon.  We left for the temple.  After finding the temple we entered, and found a secret door.  After entering the secret door we entered a prison like area.  We saw many humanoids in cells, in some of the worst conditions possible.  One of the prisoners told us that hey had been kidnapped from the Pafic area, and that drow elves had been behind this.  After he said the word "drow" we immediately left.  We got as many as possible out of the temple, but we met a green dragon right outside the door.  This was not Gary, but he was able to get a breath weapon off before we scared him away with our spiritual hammer spells.  He had grabbed a male human and the girl that the merchant brought with.  He dropped the male in town, killing him.  When we got back we discovered that the male had been the merchant's son, and the female was his future wife.  The town was very pleased, but we found out that there were more prisoners in the temple.

Part 2

The next day, after a lot of arguing, we decided to go after the green dragon who had taken the lady.  We felt it was our duty to help the merchant, due to the fact that he was the one who summoned us, not the town.  We found out where the dragon's lair was, and we left right away.  We made our way to a large hill, and there they were, sitting on top of the hill, not just one, but two green dragons.  Some of us stayed at the foot of the hill, the rest of us charged.  When we reached the top, only one was there.  We engaged in battle, only to hear the screams of the guys at the foot off the hill.

Sure enough, the other dragon went after them.  I do not recall much from the battle, it all went so fast, but we all made it out okay, no one died.  After looking around we found the entrance to their lair.  After searching we found the lady, and a lot of money!  We decided it would be best for two of us to stay and the rest to go back to town to bring the girl back, and get some carts to load up on.  All went well, we returned the girl back to her father in-law, and picked up some carts. 

On our way back, we reached the same hill, but before we had left, we had put the two slain dragons heads on posts for all to see.  Low and behold, three green dragons are there waiting for us.  With two of our best fighters, Joe and Derrick in the cave, we thought that we were done for.  Well, they must have heard of me because two of them came right after me, and tried to pick me up, but I was able to escape their grasp.  After Urza shot off some arrows, and my spiritual hammer was being effective, the dragons decided to land, BIG MISTAKE!  One landed by me, the other near Urza, and the last one by Fort.  I was able to kill mine, but it was a great struggle.  Urza had slain his quite easily, but Fort had a little trouble, but Urza was able to finish it off. 

We made our way back to the lair, and told our comrades about our experiences, and loaded up the wagons and headed out.  We made it back to town safely.  The town got the wrong impression, and though we just killed the dragons for the money, but we did it for the merchant.  As I laid in bed that night, I wondered to myself...We just killed five green dragons, will Gary find out?  Were they connected to him?  I took great pride in knowing that I killed a dragon by myself, a green none the less!

After killing the dragons, we decided that we had to head out as soon as possible for the temple.  Before we left, some ettins broke the walls of the city, and attacked.  The ettins were slain, but they delivered the message to us, we had to go to the temple.  The mayor also told us that we needed to leave...NOW!  Off we went, back to the dreaded temple.  This is truly the most unholy place that I have been, we saw carcasses of humans on the walls.  We had also heard that a battle of the gods took place here as well.  We knew that there was a trap for us, so we waited in the night.  Some raven like birds came, and we did not take kindly to this so we scared them away.

After a while, a centaur came into the clearing. As we came out to help him, he was able to yell "TRAP", before he went down.  I do not remember the exact number, but several ettins came out and attacked.  I went under after a while, but the group was able to slay the ettins.  When I awoke I noticed a feathered hat and a note sticking to the door to the temple.  It told us that we were too late, and the "property" had been taken to a different location.  It was sign with a finely printed J.  The note was from Jarlaxle, a drow elf.  I currently have his hat, and when we went to help the centaur, I had the hat on.  With my dark skin and the hate, he shouted DROW!” and ran off.  This could help and hurt us in the future.  

Part 3

After returning to Pafic, we told the town what had happened, and then left for Givemea.  We made it back safe and sound.  A few weeks later, I received a note from a messenger, saying to meet him at Morey's Maze, all it had for a signature was a green mark.  Joe received a note saying the same with a drop of blood, a presumed vampire we had a run in with.  Urza had another similar note with a blond hair in it, Amazon women.  Well, we all got together, and discussed it.  We knew that it was a trap, but with our egos the way they were, we had to go.  After nearing the mountain that the maze is located, we hid in the brush because we heard something coming.  It was the same messenger who brought me my letter.

After a bit of talking he lead us to the top of the hill.  On top of the hill, we saw a black dragon, and a great number of minotaurs.  The black told me to come by him, but I did not, and the group attacked.

After getting sprayed twice, and numerous hits, I was slain.  I am not sure of what happened next, but I am sure that Fort could tell you.

From what I heard, Gary took pity on us by leaving our bodies after he took all of our stuff, save a magical plate mail.  I awoke in the temple, dazed and confused.  After regrouping, we set out for Rodun, due to the rumors of it being rebuilt.  After getting there we were truly amazed.  The city was totally decked out!  Words can not describe.  After we took a look around we left to get back to Givemea.  We immediately talked to King Dor.  Things are going on at Rodun, and they are not good things.  


"That is the story, I really do hope that my group will recover.  I believe that our egos were hurt the most.  I am ready but I await the others to come and summon me.”  

After a pause, he starts to speak again, “I have done many stupid things in my life.  I have said some really stupid things in my life.  The sad thing is, most of these people do not understand me, I mean well.  They think that I have too big of an ego, but it is they who have an ego themselves.  I am not saying that I am perfect, it is just that I am misunderstood all too many times.  It is time for my group to get back at it.  We need to stop crying about our losses, and get back out there and find some better equipment.”  With that he turns and heads for the door, but just before he gets there, he turns back around and says, "Thank you for listening to my story.  If you ever need help at all, feel free to seek my aid.  I will be at the church. 

May Paladin guide your path.”