Melrose Troop 68's
A Dungeons and Dragons Review
Ketah Trunks' Synopsis on
'The Warning'.
written by: Sergio Meyer
(gamed played on December 1, 2000)

Though The Eye’s of Ketah Trunks
By: Sergio Meyer 


    Well it started out like any other adventure I guess; I saw a sign in Givemea about an adventure and figured I could use some experience. After meeting the man that put it together, Joe, (I never got his last name) the group of 6 shortly decided to put the decision up to me where to go, since most of the group wanted to go to the Entertainment Center I agreed and we shortly left. I only got to know a few of the adventurers, the ones I got to know are Elphen Magicson and Chamilee King. They were both magic users and I was next to them most of the time. 

    We didn't know exactly where it was but we left to Lassic where we thought the general area was. As we were going we saw a smaller trail leading North which we figured was to the Entertainment Center. We first went to Lassic to get a nights rest. The next morning we left on the small trail. After a short while we came upon a small fishing village. We hired a boy about 19 years old to take us the rest of the way. He seemed happy to take us (mostly about the gold I expect) and we left right away. We traveled a long way and made quite a few turns and we weren't always on the trail, but after a while we finally came to some doors in a hill. It was getting dark and we offered the boy to stay with us, but he refused and decided to leave. We said our byes and he left, that would be the last time he ever said bye. 

    After about 4 or 5 minutes we heard a scream that sounded kind of like him. While deciding what to do a bunch of ogres started charging at us. Since we were all level one and two this was a pretty scary battle. There were three of them. I remember Elphen tried to cast a spell on one of them but it was interrupted. When I got to attack I missed the first two times but I also hit twice. With the help of another fighter I killed one. The other two were killed also. When we went to check the boy's body it was almost all torn apart. We took 150 gold from the ogres and then decided to make camp and go to sleep. 

    The next morning we woke up to hear a scream. We all got our armor on just to be safe. Then out of the woods came 2 men and a girl. The men's weapons were drawn and looked ready to fight. We were cautious and said hello. They replied with a hello also. The older man walked up closer and started to ask if we knew what happened to his son. We told him that he was bringing us to the Entertainment Center, and when he left ogres attacked him. We said we were sorry and that we had offered him to stay. The man said that the only reason the boy probably came was that they were a poor family and that they needed the gold. We offered twenty gold for the funeral, they took it but hey were still very angry with us, when I once again said we didn't mean this to happen the girl came up to me stared in my face and slapped me. As a respectful gentleman I did nothing back. They left right after that and we decided to go in. 

       When we first entered it was just a small hallway with a door, when we entered that one there was poop all over the floor, with the stench killing us we entered the next room. This one had about 6 doors so we went in the first one. At the end of this room there was one more door and in this room there was 6 pools. One had blue color and one also had red color. The rest seemed like normal water. 

    One of my companions who seemed he had been here before went straight up to the corpse with a sword in it that was in the northeast corner of the room. He pulled it out and seemed very proud of it. The corpse then seemed to come alive and attacked him. While they battled I went to inspect a chair that was in the room. When I sat in it I got a shock so I didn't sit in it again. Well the battle from before ended but the sword that he had fought for had fallen in one of the pools. The pool we figured was acid because the sword started disintegrate, so we didn't touch it.  Next Elphen decided to see if another pool was acid. So he threw the chair in it. on his good hand even. Well it burnt off and he quickly pulled it out. He then chopped it off so there was no chance of healing so he now had a little stub on his right hand. 

    After that we went threw the only door and came into a library. After a short time 2 displacer beasts came and attacked us. We could only kill one before we all passed out. Elphen was the last one up and he said he tried his best but it didn't work. Well when I finally woke up there was an elf in my face healing me.  The elves even helped us out of the Nothing Entertainment Center. 

    When we were out Joe told us that he had woke up before us and that a vampire named Zombire had told him to go get Joe Boxer and tell him to go there and bring with him his friends. Then he found the elves to help us out. It seemed Zombire had been watching Joe for a while and didn't like him much. We then went to Givemea and told Joe's brother Lytle Boxer about what happened. I guess he was going to get in touch with Joe some how and tell him about this. The last thing I want to say is that if Joe Boxer doesn't get to The Entertainment Center soon, were all doomed in Givemea.