Melrose Troop 68's
A Dungeons and Dragons Review
Urza Van Burace's Synopsis on
'Green Dragon Fight'.
written by: Mike Linnemann
(gamed played on November 11, 2000)

Through the eyes of Urza Van Burace

        The party of Joe Boxer, Soloman Pras, Fortunato Feroce, Hewill Makeit, Derrick Stormbringer and myself are still in Pafic. Now he comes a critical decision for the party. Do we infiltrate the drow stronghold? Or help Helena from a green dragon? As a group we decided to go help Helena from a green dragon, but we needed a few things in town first.

        I picked up three pebbles every day and Soloman make them as a light spell permanently. I did this for a week. (21 pebbles)

        Joe wanted to buy a magical flail. He went to the mage guild and asked the price. The wizard said 6,000 gp. Sol borrowed him some money. As Joe walked out a small halfling stole it out of his hand and ran down the street. Joe chased him into an alley that's where Derrick and me come into play. Joe said something and the halfling jumped from the shadows in the alley. Derrick and me caught him and picked him off the ground. Joe was given his flail  back. We met the others at the meeting point. We talked to merchant for more information on the location of Helena. He had no idea but heard rumors of dragons to the southeast. So we decided to bring the halfling along. (he had to ride on my horse)

        After the first day and getting our pockets picked quite a few times, we settled for the night. On the second shift of duty a noise was heard and we saw a zombie. Since Joe and Soloman were on shift they went to attack it. They hit it enough to make it drop, but it wasn't dead yet. It rose two more times and finally died. A coffer corpse it was called we later found out.

        We heard a dragon fly overhead that night and we found out that the thieves name was Clepto and his last name escapes me.

        As we were riding along the forests near the hills I had a rock hit me and I flew off my horse. A second boulder came at us and we heard something, giant obviously, stone, hill or mountain respectfully.

        Joe picked up the rock and threw it back at the giant. The giant threw another rock and Joe threw that one up too. It then asked who threw that. Hill giant, the dumb kind. Fort. raised his hand and said he did. He then continued to battle the hill giant and killed him. We all congratulated him and continued on.

        We found a hill with something large on top of it. (we thought dragon)  We scaled the large hill and found nothing at the top, Clepto and Hewill were left at the bottom of the hill. Of course a green dragon sneaks up on them. Has a tough time though, because Hewill was in a sanctuary and Clepto was hiding in shadows. We hear a scream from dragon fear and start running down the hill. Meanwhile a dragon flies up behind us. The mate. I decide to keep running down the hill to help out Clepto fight the dragon. The male at the top of the hill is killed very quickly. Clepto hurt the female green one a little but I finish it off in one swing.

        I put the dragon heads on top of the hill for everyone to see. We all took dragon scales for ourselves. We spent the night and heard nothing.

        The next morning we found the lair easily by mid morning. We found the place LOADED! I used my lighted stones to light up the lair pretty good. The lair had a few bones, no traps, but alas, no magic. We found a total of 20,000 platinum, 5,000 gold, and 16,000 silver pieces. In huge piles all over the floor was the money. It took us until noon to count it all.

        Problem, we needed to get back to town with all this gold and where is Helena?

        After a long time discussing the situation. A large rock seemed to sick out of the rest of the lair. It was lifted up and we found it was hollow and Helena was under it. She was in a state of mental insanity, she was tortured and extremely thin. We decided to leave Joe and Derrick in the lair until we came back with something to carry all the money back, they put a glyph of warding on the entrance.

        The rest of us went back to town to get horses and carts. Clepto came too. We found all the horses, we rode back to town, and encountered nothing. We bought 10 draft horses and 5 carts. I didn't and still don't trust Clepto with a cart but that changed. On the way back to the lair we found that the heads of the dragons were off the hill.

        In the air we found three green dragons. They used their breath weapons on us but only one hits home, on Solomon. We used arrows for the most parts against their breath weapons of chorine gas.

        They then landed, one on Clepto's set of horses. The dragon killed the horse, dropped it and went to battle. In all the three green dragons all used their breath weapons two times. One used his all three for the day. Not wisely did hey land, we then got the advantage. Sol killed his, I killed mine easily. Fort helped Clepto on his and all three were destroyed. 5 DRAGONS KILLED!

        We made it back to the lair by night fall. We talked to Joe and Derrick, they mainly experienced boredom. Elephants walked by the entrance same with some odd humans. The horses were rounded up inside the lair same with the carts, Joe and me took the carts in and we talked to the horses and told them not to go through the entrance.

        The next morning we left early. We put all the money in bags in the carts, now four. The party made it all the way home without a hostile encounter. We only found a group of high elves.

        About a mile outside of town we found the merchant. He first thought that we didn't have Helena. The merchant couldn't recognize her. Clepto tried to pick the merchants pockets. One of his 12 guards saw him and immediately we lifted him off the ground and told him to give all the money back. After a half hour of them checking inventory he realized that not much was missing. We gave all the money back to him and gave him his daughter in law.

        We came into town with four wagons full of money. Very strange looks we got from the townsfolk. The bank was our first stop, we went to the teller and didn't believe we had so much gold. The main banker came out, he was also on the council that thought we should've gone back to the temple instead of the dragons.

        We unloaded all the gold. It came to a total of 112,400 gold. We got over 14,000 each.

        People in town forming a crowd almost started a riot, they thought we should've gone to temple to help the town first. Tough, I say, it'll happen though one days soon.

        To the "Temple of Argos Tigon" next day of adventuring.

The quest hasn't ended, but neither have we, we shall prevail.