Melrose Troop 68's
A Dungeons and Dragons Review
Fortunato Feroce's Synopsis on
'Green Dragon Fight'.
written by: Enrico Meyer
(gamed played on November 11, 2000)

           Well, we rested up a week and the town was wondering what we were going to do.  The merchant said we should go to the dragon lair and rescue Helena.  The townspeople wanted us and go rescue more people.  We decided to go rescue Helena because the the merchant hired us and we should listen to him.  Well, we started off with nothing to bother us. Except one thing.  A little halfling whose name I forgot stole Joe’s flail.  He caught him and brought him on the adventure with us. 

             As we were getting close to the dragons lair, we found a hill giant.  He started to chuck rocks at us, but Joe just chucked them right back.  I went up and killed it very easily. 

            Well, there was one main hill, and we figured that was where the lair was.  Everyone went except Hewill and the Halfling.  Well, right when we got to the top, and dragon appeared on the bottom.  We went after it.  But then, a dragon appeared behind us.  So I attacked that one.  We killed the dragons very easily.  I was knocked out for a little bit because of the chlorine, but not too long.  

            We found the dragons lair and a whole bunch of gold.  Urza, Soloman, The Halfling, and Hewill and I  decided to go back to the town and get carts.  We went there and found the merchant leaving for business.  We got the carts, headed back.  

            Guess what, 3 more green dragons.  Well, I was knocked out by their gas, but I heard they killed them very easily.  We got all the treasure and went back to town.  

            Back in town, the people were mad at us.  They were mad because we took greed over saving their people.  I could care less.  The merchant hired us and we will do what the said.  Anyways, I  bought some +1 plate mail , so I was happy. 

            This concludes part of my Pafic Adventure.