Melrose Troop 68's
A Dungeons and Dragons Review
Urza Van Burace's Synopsis on
'The Temple of Argos Tigon'.
written by: Mike Linnemann
(gamed played on November 4, 2000)

Through the eyes of Urza Van Burace

         I started this adventure off by talking to some of my good friends, Joe Boxer, Solomon Pras, Fortunato Feroce, Hewill Makeit, and Derick Stormbringer. We met and decided to go adventuring, we were in a bar speaking to each other and found a rich merchant and a women dressed for fighting talking to two mercenaries about a problem. The mercenaries left so, we curiously asked what the problem was. He said over and over if we'd be qualified or "worth his time", so we took him to the edge of town and Joe snapped a tree pretty good.

        Meanwhile, Hewill was being put down as always. He's new, so a wizard in the bar tried to give him some motivational speaking. Hewill levitated off the ground because of his boots and the wizard was mildly impressed.  (People noticed obviously) Later on, Hewill told me that he left the bar and two thugs asked him for his magic levitation item. He said no and they hit a few times. He levitated into the air and one fell. The other stayed holding on. Myself and the rest of the party were coming back from the "demonstration." We helped Hewill and constables took the thug to jail.

        We then rode down to Pafic to see what the problem was. As we got there we found out that people were disappearing into the nearby hills. The town sent almost all of their militia to no avail, nearby adventurers tried and never came back. Mainly younger people too, not adults and always
during the night.

        One person came back on a horse extremely wounded, his eyes gouged out and missing an ear. He didn't know he was injured badly. So we healed him as best we could and got information on the whereabouts of the "Temple".

        We rode out with Helena the women we met with in Givemea out to the Temple the next morning. On the trail we encountered three Ankhegs. They surprised us beneath the ground and killed a horse. We killed them fairly quickly.

        As we got in the range of the temple, we saw a decimated town with ruined buildings and carcasses everywhere. While we were looking around, 4 Ettins surprised us. But after a few minutes we dispatched of them too.

        The temple was the evilest thing I've ever seen. People hung from it, impalings, and worse. Blood was everywhere, but our job wasn't finished yet.

        We walked inside, the doors were rotted so they fell easily when we broke them down. Inside, we found a lot more than we would've liked. We found nine gargoyles waiting for us. This should've been an easy battle, but the hides of these creatures repel all weapons except magical enchanted or magic itself. But we did kill them after much bloodshed.

        In the main room which we fought the gargoyles were three sacrificial alters. We then checked for any hidden doors in the room. We found one and inside there were cells... lots of them.

        We found some missing townsfolk. We found 68 prisoners total. All of them seemed broken down and tortured beyond belief. One of them could still speak after we tried to heal him. Drow, that's all we needed to hear. They've been kidnapping people and torturing them here and using them as slaves. They tortured them  in witness to all. Their will was broken because of this.

        The gargoyles were animated and we used them as a rear guard for drow. Sixty-eight prisoners were all taken to the doors of the Temple of Argos Tigon. (which we learned)

        A green dragon was waiting there for us. He used his chorine gas and 25 people were killed horribly. We made it take to the air. The few of us it front hurried the people out. Derrick and Helena stayed back to get the prisoners out.

        The rest of us went after the dragon. He took to the air again, the clerics got some spiritual hammers off but the dragon went after the prisoners. It took Helena and a male that she was caring for. We got as many prisoners as we could (43) and went back to town. The dragon dropped the male on the town, he died on contact.

        The people were happy that we returned the townsfolk. The merchant told us that the male was his son and Helena was his fiancé. We received a total of 54 gold but much experience. I felt greatly different. But our goal in this town isn't over yet. That same prisoner that spoke with us told us that there was a second jail cell room and Helena still needs to be saved...

The quest shall continue, but that is for another day.