Melrose Troop 68's
A Dungeons and Dragons Review
Fortunato Feroce's Synopsis on
'Temple of Argos Tigon'.
written by: Enrico Meyer
(gamed played on November 4, 2000)

Through the eyes of Fortunato Feroce

            My adventure all started with me walking around a town called Pafic.  As I was doing so, I saw my friends, Urza, Joe, Solomon, Hewill and Derik. They were all on an adventure some merchant had given them.  The merchant told us that there was some strange doings in a temple north of town. He also said that teenage boys were missing every night. Right after he got done saying this, a person came back.  He was all bloody and his eyes were gone.  He had escaped from the temple.  He didn't have much to offer.     We decided to go check it out.  Right when we were gonna leave, Helena, the merchants daughter came with us.   So we went there.  As we were going, we saw what seemed like a dragon fly by us.  

            Anyways, we made it there.  When we got there, something started to attack us.  I forgot what it was called.  But they looked like giant worms.    We killed it with east. Well, except that Derik lost a leg.  We went back to town, stayed they night and went back to the temple in the morning.   We noticed that dead bodies were all around the temple and some were hanging from the temple itself.  

            We went inside and started to explore.  What we found were a bunch of Gargoyles.  We took them not as easily as the giant worms, but we took them out.  

            We went further inside and found a prison.  Tons of people were in there. They were all beaten and looked pretty bad.  We saw one that looked pretty healthy among the rest.  He told us that Drow Elves had taken them.  They were using the people as sacrifices.  We knew we had to get our of there quick because night was coming soon.  We released everybody, and went out.  We also animated the gargoyles.  Right when we went outside, we found a green dragon. He immediately sprayed us with his chlorine gas.  I jumped out of the way.  As soon as I did , I went and attacked.  The green dragon flew up.  Joe and Solomon started using spiritual hammers to attack it.  Derik also fired his crossbow.  Urza and I just stood ready for it to swoop.  Well, it swooped alright, but in the wrong place.  It went after Helena and a guy she was helping out.  She seemed very close to this guy.  Anyway, the dragon caught them and took her and the guy off to the lair.

           We went back to town and saved 43 people, which wasn't bad.  Right when we got back, the dragon flew overhead and dropped the body of the boy who wanted Helena.  It turned out that the guy was the merchant's son and Helena was to be married to him.