Melrose Troop 68's
A Dungeons and Dragons Review
The Makit Brothers' Synopsis on
'To Dogrum's Keep'.
written by: Andy Kleinfehn
(gamed played on August 26, 2000)

To Dogrum's Keep by Hewill Makit and Willie Makit 

First part by Willie Makit: 

    My day started out as a normal day. The sun came up from the east and before I knew it, I was late for our meeting. Me and some adventuring legends were going to go to a mysterious place called Dogrum's Keep. My fellow adventures where Tiptin (almost a god in my book), Dani (Tiptin's first man), me, a high level mage (he was very mysterious. Didn't talk much and didn't catch his name), Derick Stormbringer, and an unusal, but helpfull cleric. He said something about retiring after this adventurer. This was our group and we where prepared to battle whatever came at us. 
    Almost everything that is!!! On our way, we entered Dogrum's Forest. This was a very dark place and then we came to a clearing. In this clearing, we found five Owlbears. Piece of cake I thought. Wrong!!! Within 16 seconds of battling these mysterious creatures, I slipped, and was getting hugged to death. It didn't take me too long to kick the buckett!!! 
    May Willie Makit rest in peace! 

Second part by Hewill Makit:

     Did you ever get that feeling like someone close to you has just died! Well, it happend to me! I felt like my brother has just died. Within a few seconds of this feeling, I was magically teleported to his death sight. I saw Willie dead with another guy and five Owlbears. There was a group that looked like they were battling these Owlbears. I felt a mysterious trust in them like my dead brother was trying to tell my something. They told me they did everything they could do to try and save Willie but his little heart couldn't hold the pressure of that hug. 
     I really didn't mind his death because now I get all of dad's will and he always acted foolishly. Jumping into things and expecting to live. I thought that I should take Willie's thumb from his hand because his last request from Paladin must have been for me to help this group out of here. One day when I rule the land and I'm the greatest magic user of all time, I will bring Willie back from the dead. 
     Meanwhile the group wasn't in good shape. We had to go back to the nearest town to get Dani resurected. I told them I have that spell but didn't have the spell conponents with me!!! Oh well. Now our group consists of Dani, Mr. Tiptin, me (a mage), another high level mage and cleric, and Derick. We still wanted to go to Dogrum's Keep because of great treasure there. So we went off. 
     Once we got to the dungon, we went in it. This place was weird. There were elementals moving all over the place! We happend to avoid them for now though. After searching around, we found a secret door that was in a freezer of some sort. It had some cool boots in it! I wanted to identify them so I put them on and used my Identify spell. Worked out ok...this time. They were boots of levitation. Since I risked my life with trying them on, the group said I could have them. 
     After someone exploring, we came across a room with four sockets and four chests with rock like things in Mr. Tiptin knew the trick for this room from experience. He said it isnt pretty if you get the wrong rock in the wrong socket!!! After a little magnet problem with one of the rocks that was pretty funny, we finally got the sockets and the cheasts right. It led to a treasure room. We got a magical long sword, a potion, and a talisman of some sort. 
     The next room led down to level three. Mr. Tiptin and Sir Dani wanted to adventure on, but the group wanted to go cash in our goods! So we left not risking guts for glory. The sword we found was a great fighting sword(+3). The potion was a potion of charisma or something like that, but we sold it or threw it away!!! The talisman was a thing that could have given us two wishes but it didn't really like us too much and became a talisman of weight. After some talking, we just threw the book into the water. WRONG MOVE!!! A huge explosion happend. Nobody too hurt but a little sore. 
     As for me, I'm happy with this adventure. I found some cool boots of levitation. If I ever get in a fight, I can just fly up and cast my spells from there! Take that you Owlbears!!! If I'm out of spells, I can swing my 6' quarter staff like a golf club and yell, "FOUR"!!! 
     As for Willie, Me and him will rule the land one day!!! I will spare Tiptin and Dani since they are now letting me say in the pesent quarters of their mansion! CAUTION!!! Be nice to me, or pay the price later on in life!!!