Melrose Troop 68's
A Dungeons and Dragons Review
Urza's Synopsis on
'The Rookies at Lanning's Trials'.
written by: Mike Linnemann
(gamed played on July 29, 2000)

Through the eyes of Urza Van Burace

        To start out my, "merry" adventure I posted some more notices for some newbies to adventuring. Someone has to train them in.  I found Marq Marquette, Dalamar De Lahoia, Poké Dido, Mo Sim, and Chaberwani Zaberwaki (Char). Pretty pathetic I thought, but it must be done.
        We picked up food and horses. The party decided to go to Lanning's Trials. As we headed out I found myself and the party teleported to the dungeons door. Queer I thought, but I led the guys inside.  I told the party to be quiet because of the piercers and we ventured to the chasm at the end of the tunnel. Obviously we used rope and slid down. 50 feet deep.
        We arrived in a room that had three doors. Two wooden and a steel door covered in yellow cloth saying "Do not enter". I tried to open the door and was unsuccessful again and again.
        I went to one of the wooden doors. Happened to be South. I walked in and dropped 10 feet to the floor. The others were helped down.
        The next door was 10 feet above us. So they boosted me up and I lifted them up to me. After everyone was in I opened the next door revealing a room covered in holes. (Spikes duh) Dalamar tried his flying broom in the hallway for a while to get used to it and flew into the room. He got hit by one spike like I told him he would.
        We traveled back to the starting room and went threw the other wooden door. It led to a long hallway ending in a stairway. Mo Sim fell down the stairs and toppled a few others over too.
        The next door led to a fork with a sign saying beware the games. We went into the south door and found nothing.
        The north door had 20 randomly placed holes in the walls. I covered my body with my shield, my shield got punctured but nothing serious. I made it to the next door, tried to open it but it was superiorly locked.
        I had a good idea. Have everyone in the room and close the door. It worked. A voice asked a question. He asked for a 5 letter palindrome. I said level and a key appearing in my hand.
        I went through the door and found myself in a hallway. We found 3 doors and decided to go through the middle door.
        There were webs everywhere. And spiders to go with them. Large spiders. Not good. They poisoned Marq and a wizard arrived along with a little halfling. (Lanning) The wizard was not happy at all with my leadership. So he did a hold spell on the party. He unwilled Lanning first and told him a plan.
        Lanning ran off. The wizard unwilled me and asked me about Marq. I said what I could and he found me unworthy. Wizards, hmph. I was given a second chance. Everyone was unheld and we were teleported to a forest with Lanning holding a leash to two displacer beasts. I killed them quickly, but my party was severely hurt in the battle. I bandaged my companions and healed them to the best of my ability.
        The wizard appeared and told me I passed the tests. The first test being to kill the displacer beasts, the second was to heal my comrades with the wizards help.
        The wizard demanded to have all of my dragon scales and my dragon shield. I gave them up unhappily. He recompensated me for all the money I lost paying for gear for the party.
        We were teleported back to Givemea and that ends my adventure for the day.

        This concludes my merry adventure.