Melrose Troop 68's
A Dungeons and Dragons Review
Urza's Synopsis on
'Clavin The Dwarf'.
written by: Mike Linnemann
(gamed played on July 1, 2000)

Urza Van Burace's trip to the Versal Ruins

        To start this adventure out I went to the local mage guild in Givemea and enchanted some weapons. I enchanted my two-handed sword in a +2 mithril two-handed sword and I enchanted my dagger to +1.
        I needed some other adventurers so I looked in my favorite bar. Earl wasn't bartending but Butch was. I sat down next to Flame Foreslae, who I have adventured with before. We still needed more people so I looked at a ugly half-orc absorbed in his own "glory". All he said that his name was Bill. (Little Bill I guess he said.) I asked him to accompany my party. He agreed. That made 3 people.
        We left the next morning from the town square to the ruins. Around sundown we arrived at the city gates of Lassic. Other groups were waiting there also.
        The next morning we walked into the town. There was a spring festival happening in the town. Our half-orc had a problem with three dwarves at a shop. He said one of the dwarves mom was a gully dwarf. Almost started a brawl because of his ignorance. They were getting stolen from so they quickly ran back to their shop.
        I went bar called the "Pegasus Wing", no one looked impressive. Bill asked for strong dwarfish ale! I laughed but let him try it. Two sips and he was down. I asked for wine. I brought Bill out to the cart because he was obviously wasted.
        We didn't find another party member in the bar. As I stepped outside the bar I found three Amazon women. The leader looked at Bill and was disgusted. Anyway, the other two were interested in me. I asked them to join us, but the leader declined. I told them some other time. They agreed with me on that.
        We still needed a cleric though. Our party of two, since Bill was
incapacitated headed to "The Long Tequila". Smoke billowed out from this
bar so we decided not to enter. The next bar we headed to was "The King's
Queen". A Soloman Pras bar. (Enough said.)
        As we headed back to the Inn. We found a cleric that had way to much to drink. He looked like a good adventurer. (Or somewhat) I pinned on his shirt a note to meet us in the Gold Piece Inn.
        I went to the stables and gave the boy working there a gold piece to take care of my horses. (Indeed our horses were groomed and taken care of.)
        We headed into the Inn. I told the innkeeper to give any tall, extremely attractive ladies the way to my room. Tell a cleric to sit down in one of the chairs and tell another women to get a room. He didn't understand so I explained it to him twice.
        William the cleric came first. He sat down but missed his chair. I threw him in his bed.
        Flame came next. I brought her to her room as an Amazon came into the door. The innkeeper tried to hide a laugh. I brought the Amazon into my room. Gillian was her name. I had to take my armor off for obvious reasons. She was massaging my shoulders. (Too many battles.) Anyway her leader busted down my door and told me off. I laughed, she wouldn't dare battle me. So they both left.
        Anyway the next morning the party was up and all tired for some reason or another. I had to introduce myself to William. We all got grouped up and left the town of Lassic.
        The next night we encountered 8 large birds. Looked like ostriches. That same night we fought some 20 orcs. I killed half. Everyone was unconscious at one time except for me. After the battle we used potions and spells from William to get to near full strength. We found 180 electrum.
        Then out of no where comes a dwarf named Clavin Axebearer. He instantly disliked Bill. Mortal enemies of course. (Sigh) Clavin had to teach Bill some "lessons" on manners and fighting. Bill couldn't pronounce Clavin's last name.
        Clavin seemed to be a respectable person. Nice to have someone that I can actually talk to as an equal, or very near.
        We made it to Inter two days later, absolutely nothing was in this town. No magic items in their stores. We spent the night at their Inn. Gillian met outside my window. Bill was next door although so that ruined that.
        We left that morning and found 9 wererats on the way. I killed 4 this time. Clavin fumbled and threw his weapon twice. Once nearly hitting me. At the end of the battle we were standing alone again. We found 5 longswords and 3 shortswords. So we healed up the others and continued on to Cocola.
        We made it to Cocola at midday. We found nothing in the magic stores or the map making shops. Not uncommon in Cocola though. (Drow dwell here.)
        The bar was next stop. I walked in first and asked for Zarlaxle. Wrong name, I forgot it to be Jarlaxle. The bartender gave me zero information. I walked outside and found two drow waiting there. They wore simple clothing and had no house insignia or clan markings or magic on them noticeable, very unlike drow standards. I asked to see Jarlaxle but they denied me. I said I had a slave and to carry on the word. (I have ulterior motives though.) By the way, no one was on the streets when I spoke with them. Odd that the whole community knows that drow are about.
        We headed out to the Versal Ruins the next day. We were about half-way there when Meeko arrived. Clavin didn't like Meeko. So one thing led to another and Meeko teleported us to Rodun. It seems that Rodun is getting rebuilt by thieves. Again.
        Anyway a few workers came to battle but Meeko teleported us back to Givemea.
        In all we got 130 gold pieces to divide amongst ourselves. 33 gold a piece we got. But the main thing was that these adventurers aren't totally newbies anymore. They learned something.

        All in all, a successful adventure.