Melrose Troop 68's
A Dungeons and Dragons Review
Mackeli's Synopsis on
'The Giants and Bandits'.
written by: Pat Christenson
(gamed played on March 19, 2000)

    It had been awhile since my last adventure and I was getting anxious. I  was waiting and waiting for the opportunity for yet another glorious  adventure and because of previous failures to achieve anything of significance I knew that it would take everything we had to make it.

    Early one morning at the bar of course, when you have a tolerance like mine you have to start early, an old companion of mine name Kid Kickbutt stopped by and asked if I would be up for a hill giant bashing, you see he knew of a Hill Giant lair. With the hint of greed in the air my friends and I thought that this could be a great adventure. After making fun of his name for awhile Kid (the baby) ran to his house because he didn't like being made fun of. We later came to our senses and greed got the best of us as Urza and I went to Kid's house. He said that he wanted 25% of all of the treasure which we thought was unfair, but we later decided that with the little bit of  gold we usually get an extra 5% wouldn't make much of a difference ( man were we wrong). So even though Kid wanted to leave right away we thought we better wait until everyone was sober so we convinced him otherwise. The next morning we were on our way.

    We had a relatively quiet trip and nothing really attacked us but we were in for many battles. When we first got to the valley of which the Hill Giant lair was on the other side, we thought that there was no way to get our horses down and we should walk from here but Kid made us think otherwise, I bet you can't guess whose horse went tumbling down the hill, oh yeah that was Kid's. This was only the beginning of Kid's trouble he really wouldn't earn his 25% today. 

   When we got to the other side of the valley we were in for a lot of battles. Using Martins newly acquired sueto dragon we could scout out in front of us. We had to fight one Hill Giant on the way which made me wonder how we were going to take out a whole lair of those guys. After the Giant fell off the mountain I flew down and made sure he was dead and made it look like an accident was the cause of his falling down. Not surprisingly there were some diar wolves guarding the trail so once again I hopped on my broom and tried to take them out by air. After killing one wolf, my companions came and killed the other one. Now we had made plenty of noise and we knew the Hill Giants would go back to their lair soon so we had to hurry. We got to the lair to discover more diar wolves which we easily took  care of. Martins dragon saw that the Giants were coming so we decided that we could fight best in the cave so we went in and waited. 

   After an extensive battle in which we pretty much fought without Kid. He was pretty much a decoy. When the battle was over we had very little time to heal wounds gather treasure and get out. We than found that it wouldn't take long to gather the treasure for there was relatively little there. So depressed we started back towards home. We had another tough battle by the river which really left a mark on us but we had to keep going. On the way home we saw something that none of our party had ever seen, an entire bandit camp. Boy did we show our true colors as we waited for the perfect opportunity to get their loot. We knew we were in for a very tough battle but we knew an opportunity like this doesn't come around often. When the time came we sent Martin in to get some of them with a sleep spell and the rest of us would come charging after. The battle was on.

    The main fighter of the camp came out and blasted a silent trumpet, smiled and started to fight. We thought we were doing really well until the great wizard of the camp started to appear. Urza was the first to charge him and was the first to get hit with a fireball. So he was out for awhile. I thought that this was my chance, that the wizard would need some time to recover so I charged in. I threw my spiritual hammer thinking that if I could keep hitting him he wouldn't gain his concentration and cast another spell. To my surprise he had some sort of force field around him and my hammer bounced off. I turned around and tried to flee but my time was up. The force of the fireball threw me and toasted my broom.    I was not done yet I still had to land. That hurt as well. I am not really sure what happened directly after that. I heard that Martin's dragon killed the wizard. My spirits were still high as I took on a fireball and survived.

    After the battle we were in a frenzy trying to find the treasure before anybody returned. We found a chest in a tent and we were very happy. Only to find that the chest was surrounded by a force field. We thought for a little bit and tried digging. We found that the force field only went to the ground so we still had a chance. When we had dug far enough I tried to grab it only to be electrocuted. Great, I thought, we still wouldn't get any treasure. Shanika got brave and decided to try again to find that the chest was now free for the taking. We busted it open and found 18 pieces of jewelry. We were very exited. It was now a rush to get back to town.

    At town we appraised our stuff and found that the stuff we were selling exceeded our expectations and we were going to be rich. And as a final thought, always remember that every little percent counts, about $6,000 is all I have to say about that. So keep trying, you never know when a little luck is around the corner.