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Urza Van Burace's Synopsis on
'The Hill Giant Hunt'.
written by: Mike Linnemann
(gamed played on Saturday, March 18, 2000)

Through the eyes of Urza Van Burace

        Well my merry adventure started in the bar, as usual. I found some of my old companions, Mackeli, Shanika, and Martin Stick. We were reminiscing about old times when we remembered that Kid Kickbutt knew the way to a hill giant lair. Of course him having such an odd name we had to have some fun with him, he didn't take to it too kindly. He left for his house. Martin kept on drinking and Mackeli and me went to his house.
        We found a very attractive lady waiting there, it had to have been his sister, (as we later found out) because Kid is not a very charismatic sort of guy.
        So he got angry and wanted 25% of the treasure. Our first reaction was no, but when we figured it out. We normally be getting 20% so 25% wasn't too bad.
        Kid wanted to leave now. Martin was still at the bar, halfway gone. We decided to leave early tomorrow morning.
        So we did, after picking up provisions. Martin cast his find familiar spell and received a pseudo dragon! The rarest of all familiars. So we headed out in good fashion and in good hopes.
        Kid told us that the hill giant lair was in the Vemea Mountains. So Mackeli had a map of the area and we took some animal trails to reach the mountains. We had to stop at the end of a mountain. It was the end of a mountain, a valley in between and a second mountain on the other side.
        Had to bring the horses along so we slowly went down into the valley. Kid's horse tripped and he went at blinding speed down to the valley. His horse was injured after it fell. Kid rolled. Mackeli healed his horse and we continued. There was a river, although it wasn't on the map. So we had to get across it. It was the only way. So Mackeli got on his broom and brought each person over one by one. Except for the horses we left them in the valley's forest.
        As for the mountain, there was a thin trail that winded up to the hill giants lair it seemed. The pseudo dragon, named Earl, went on ahead and did surveillance ahead of us. He came back after we walked about 1/3 up that a hill giant was coming down.
        We all hid alongside the path behind rocks. Everyone except Martin got their bows and crossbows out and waited for him to turn the corner of the path. The hill giant had a rock in his hand, as soon as we started to shoot arrows he threw his rock. He missed everyone, but started a mini avalanche that hit Shanika. It was about 5 rocks so it didn't hurt him much.
        We kept on attacking with arrows until he got too close to Shanika. So Shanika Banika drew his sword and battle took place. They attacked a while as did we. I finally struck him in the throat with an arrow and he fell down the mountain.
        Mackeli knew he had to see if the hill giant was dead so he went down and did the final blow to him. That was the end of him. Mackeli knocked the arrows into him and flew back up. We continued up the mountain until Earl cam back and told us that 2 large wolves were waiting up ahead. Dire wolves they were, Mackeli rode up on his broom and started to though his hammers at the wolves. He killed one, and the group killed the other one. Pushed the wolves off the side and continued on.
        We were almost there. Earl informed us that there were some more wolves waiting at the entrance to the lair.
        We walked up quietly to the landing. (The cave had a landing to go to the trail leading down.) The wolves rushed out of the cave and attacked. We fairly easily took out the 8 dire wolves.
        Earl said we might get ready for there were 4 hill giants coming up to the lair. We discussed and didn't have enough time to do anything so we hid in the cave and waiting there.
        Not too much longer the giants arrived. They sniffed the air and rushed us. Surprisingly we had very little trouble disposing of these filth. Pretty quick we were still standing and collected their minute treasure. We found 1,000 gold and 5 gems. We went down the mountain in low hopes. We went all this way for almost nothing.
        Got to the river and when everyone was across 12 ogres attacked with a large leader. I went down in this battle after killing a few ogres and the leader.
        I was told later that Mackeli and Shanika killed all the ogres left. No thanks to Kid who went down in the battle. Total the ogres had 480 gold on them. We were really thinking what a pathetic adventure. We thought all too soon.
        We found our horses in the valley all together strangely. We rode out of the valley having Earl scout up ahead.
        Earl found something, an entire bandit camp.
        About 140 bandits in the forest and they didn't know we were there. Greed went into play unbelievably. We waited an entire day watching the camp, learning what was up. The camp had a few really experienced fighters and a powerful wizard.
        We decided that we'd have to wait until nightfall to attack. Luckily they left for a raid and left behind their best fighter and 19 other bandits. We had a plan. Martin would be beat up and tattered and come into the camp. They bandits would come to him. He'd cast sleep on the bandits and we'd charge after he would cast the spell.
        So he did. 13 bandits came around him to see what was happening, they all went to sleep. That left us 6 bandits and a leader. So we attacked. Their leader rushed out of his tent and blew a silent horn. He smiled and attacked.
        We managed to kill all of the bandits when the leader was still attacking a shifting was appearing away from the battle, Martin saw it and yelled, I rushed over.
        It was the powerful mage. He teleported in and cast a fireball on me. I flew back, not dead but hurt and waited.
        The other guys killed the fighter and drew their attention to the mage. Shanika ran to attack. Martin ran away, and Mackeli flew towards the mage. He cast another fireball this time towards Macula. Toasty. Mackeli was burned off his broom and fell in the forest. The flying broom was useless now.
        Martin remembered that Earl had a special ability, to paralyze creatures. So he ordered Earl to flew up behind the mage and sting him in the neck. He did. The mage was paralyzed and we killed him.
        We didn't have much time so Martin took the glowing cloak off the mage, later to be found that it was a cloak of useful items. Very useful.
        The main tent had the gold. We saw 18 pieces of jewelry. Tried to grab them but a sphere of protection were on them. So we dug under them. Got to the chest indeed. Mackeli got electrocuted by the chest. Shanika tried this time and he successfully grabbed the chest.
        We took the mage's diamond ring and the fighters nicely made longsword too. We rode out of there as fast as we could. Around the lake and back to Givemea.
        We identified the jewelry and the gems and got a total of 72,405 gold!!! Martin got too keep the cloak. We split up the money and all got about 13,000 gp. each, except for Kid who got 18,000 but we didn't care. We all felt more experienced and better than ever.

        This concludes my merry adventure.