Melrose Troop 68's
A Dungeons and Dragons Review
Fortunato Feroce’s Synopsis on
'Fun Time at Atad's Domain'.
written by: Enrico Meyer
(gamed played on January 8, 2000)

Fortunato Feroce’s Happy Action Fun Time at Atad's Domain

Through the eyes of the Half Orc, Fortunato

Well, I have not gone on an adventure for a long time, maybe six years. You could say I was getting lazy, or you could say that nobody wanted to go out and go adventuring with a half orc. I don't know what is the matter with me, my mother was rapped by some loser orc, and then I get made fun of. Anyway, the point is that I was in need of an adventure. 

One night, I went to sleep a little earlier because I had too many drinks. When I awoke, I was not where I was when I went to sleep. I was in a little room with a bunk bed and some rusted armor and weapon. I quickly put on my armor because some guy was yelling at me. I went outside and found some people I did not know. Laura, Omar ( I did hear of his big mouth), Number two, a dwarf ( whose name doesn't matter right now), and Kid Kickbutt , the mercenary.

Well, right when the dwarf saw me, he wanted to kill me, but I was too strong for him and just pushed him back. Kid told us he was supposed to take us on an adventure. Whatever , I thought, at least we just get to go on one.

We smelled food, so we went into the next room and found cooked food in pots and pans everywhere. We started to eat. After we ate, we headed out.

Nothing much happened. We went around and did nothing. We found some stairs and went up them. We were looking around and I found a secret door. We went into the room and found three bugbears. Laura took care of one while I finished the other two. We continued down and found I found another secret door. In there, we found sacks of platinum and gold. We also found three large pots. Laura opened up one and some lightning zapped her. Kid and I opened the other two and found some platinum. This adventure was turning out good after all. 

As we were walking along, we found a diamond that was embedded in the wall. The dwarf touched the diamond even though we said not to. The diamond changed into a large diamond door. We all went through. There was one room, no doors, and a table with diamonds embedded in the table. There were various color diamonds, blue, green, white, purple, yellow, black, eight in all I think. I started to recognize the place. I knew that if you touched these diamonds, then you would be transported to a different part in the dungeon. We decided not to touch anything, but the stupid dwarf decided to touch the black one. We all told him not to cause he would probably die, but he insisted. Well, he touched it, and lightning went through all his body. How could anyone be so stupid. Oh well, more treasure for us. 

We continued on. Laura started to recognize the place and we figured out that it was Atad's Domain. Laura said that there was a wishing room here and I wanted to check it out. So we continued up some more stairs. After about the third flight, a fire snake was slithering down it. After it saw us, it went back up. Kid killed it. We thought there would be a lair, but we just wanted to get out. We reached the top and there were some double doors. Now was decision making time. We either had to try and find the wishing room or leave. We decided to leave. 

After we left, I had a map and we realized that we were in Acerima. We walked a little bit and suddenly, rocks were being hurled at us. We started to run from the Hill Giant, but decided to fight it. Well, Kid and Laura went up there, but just ended up getting knocked out, so I ran up there. After getting heat pretty good once, I took the stupid Hill Giant out. We were too lazy to search for a lair.

Well, we wanted to get into Givemea by nightfall and went got to the town of Bont. All the townspeople knew of Laura. Laura journeyed Atad's before, found a lot of gold and gave a lot of gold to the people of Bont. The people of Bong were very nice to us and let us stay for free. We paid them some money anyway. Bright and early the next morning, we went back the Givemea, Givemea. All in all, this was a very good adventure. 

This concludes my happy action fun time.