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Urza Van Burace's Synopsis on
'The Versal Ruins, Again'.
written by: Mike Linnemann
(gamed played on Friday, January 1, 2000)

January 1st, 2000
Through the eyes of Urza Van Burace

        To start my happy adventure. I spoke to some old friends about adventuring. I talked to Agwat, Alec, Rylond, and met a new friend in a bar named Martin Stick. Queer name I say but magic users are like that you know.
        I heard a rumor about some ruins near Cocola from my man Earl the bartender. I talked to the party and we decided to go there.
        After picking up some food and my specially made weapon we headed off. It would take us about five days to get to Cocola. We left that day.
        A little less than half way in-between Lassic and Givemea, some
brigands tried to rob us. 51 brigands attacked. After out party slaughtered 21 of the fifty-one they ran away. We only found 168 gold on all of the dead brigands. We piled the Brigands up on the road making a barricade for fun.
        We rode to Lassic and went into the bar for some drinks. Martin found an attractive waitress and asked extremely bluntly to come back with him to the Inn for tonight. The party laughed but the waitress agreed surprisingly.
        When we went back into the Inn the waitress and Martin went into a
separate room. Obviously. After a few minutes we heard a loud scream and tons of laughter. It was the waitress. She left the room giggling in the hallway. She had her hand measuring the air to about 3 inches.
        We knew why. I walked into Martin's room and laughed. But quickly I went back into my own room.
        In the morning I headed off to the magic shop. I found some nice magical items. I bought a suit of Plate Mail +1, after borrowing some money from everybody else. It cost 5000 gold pieces.
        When the party finished with the magic shop we went back into the
same bar looking for information on these "ruins". Martin tried to hit on some more waitresses but they laughed at him. I talked to the bartender but he knew nothing. Agwat talked to some fellow dwarves but they seemed ill-tempered or in a bad mood. Dwarf thing I guess.
        Finally we left. We met a lot of people on the trail to Inter. Then for about a half hour we didn't meet anyone.
        I soon found out, berzerkers were trying to hide. They attacked quickly, and died quickly too. 25 berzerkers in all and they were all killed in battle. They had 250 silver pieces.
        On our third shift that night Agwat and Martin heard something in the forest, we were aroused. Anytime we moved towards the sound. The outline of the horse like creatures ran farther away. After we got closer they took flight and obviously we knew that they were pegasi.
        We took some more days riding and we reached Inter. Agwat picked up some gold he left there years ago. Picked up some drinks and left Inter.
        Cocola was our next stop. We reached there about midday. I went into the nicest bar in town. I paid the bartender some money to tell me how to get to these ruins. He said West of town and told me directions to a man's house who could help me. Agwat, Rylond and I arrived there at about 11:00 p.m. I knocked on his door and a light went on in his upstairs.
        An old man came out, about 70, he gave me directions after I gave him a platinum piece.
        We slept at the Gold Piece Inn. The next morning we set out to the Versal Ruins as the old man said. It took us a few hours to follow the directions to a river. We
discussed what to do and after a while we decided to just ford the river. We made it across safely. Followed around some hills and made it to a cave opening and the
directions stopped for us.
        I went to the cave and there was a door in the cave. I opened it and there was a very dirty room and there was a black bear sitting in front of the door that led farther into the dungeon.
        Agwat prepared a speak with animals spell. He talked to the bear and the bear said this entire cave was his den and wouldn't let us pass. Martin used a sleep spell and we quickly disposed of him. I skinned him and took his pelt. We also ate his meat, very tender.
        About this time it was getting late so we moved back outside and
went to sleep. At about 2:30 we heard a swoosh. We looked up and saw a dragon
flying over us. He landed and it was a silver dragon.
        We spoke to him in common and found out his name was Draco. He had heard of Gary the green dragon living in Minta. He disliked Gerry a lot. Gary said we were in his territory. Nice fact to know.
        The next morning we headed into the dungeon again. This time we went into the rooms of the dungeon. On our first try we found a stairway leading downstairs.
        The next room had 10 chairs that were huge, about the size for large minotaurs.
        At the end of the hall we found a room with columns in it with two coffins sitting atop marble pedestals. There was knee-high fog covering the floor.
        Agwat and I decided to open the coffins even though there might be vampires inside of them. As soon as I put my hand on the coffin, zombies came out of the ground and attacked. There were 12 zombies. We easily defeated them. They carried no gold.
        Back to the coffins, I opened the first one and it had nothing in it. I tipped it over and opened the second one, nothing in it either. There was purple velvet on the coffins. I took both of them.
        Another door was on the south side of the room so I decided to open it. I found about 7 gargoyles in there. I slammed the door closed and backed out of that room. I managed to hit one of them, I cut off his arm.
        We hid in the chair room and barred the door with a chair. The gargoyles came by and left out the main door looking for us.
        After spending the night in that room, we went back into the gargoyles room. We found no one in there. Except some body parts and a wooden box. Inside the wooden box were three pieces of jewelry. Obviously this was the gargoyle's lair.
        We went back into the main hallway and searched the southern rooms. The first room had 4 paintings in it. One of a pegasus, one of a lion, one of a tiger and the other of a bear. I touched the pegasi painting and nothing happened so we left and
went into the next room over from ours.
        The next four rooms had only dust, body parts, dried blood etc.
        The fifth room had 4 giant badgers waiting for us. Two adult badgers and two younger ones. It took us some time but we killed them too.
        I went into the Northwestern door and found only dirt and grime in there.
        After this we decided to head home. So we did.
        We made it undisturbed back to Givemea. We had out jewelry appraised and they were worth 7500 gp. So that lifted some spirits.

        And that concludes my trip to the Versal Ruins.