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Soloman's Synopsis on a trip to Tasur's Labs.
written by: Brent Oja
(gamed played on Saturday, August 14, 1999)

From the eyes of Soloman Pras

  I, Soloman Pras, a HOLY cleric of Paladin rounded up a bunch of my friends and decided to go to one of the infamous dungeons of Tenne.  However, we did not know the name of this dungeon.  We had just heard rumors that there was a dungeon north of Bik, in the northern extremities of the Tork Forest.  So, we decided that it would be a splendid idea to go to this dungeon.  My friends that went along on this adventure included Urza, an incredibly strong human, Urza is very knowledgeable of Givemea, and quite fond of the ladies, so I hear.  Also making the trip was Joe Boxer, an Elf Lord who is stronger than Urza, but Joe has a girdle of storm giant strength. Joe only has one arm due to an encounter with a red dragon, which I eventually killed. I also saved Joe’s life in that adventure.  Hercules Zuzen came along as well, he is a human, and has proved very useful in many adventures.  Another fighter came with too, I can not recall his name, but he did have a magical sword.

  While riding to Bik we did not encounter a whole lot of evil.  It was a rather nice trip.  While in Repa I had a little incident with some elves.  I really do like elves, it’s just that they think they are that much better then you are and you do not deserve to be in their presence.  I tried to start a conversation, but they did not say much.  They said they were from Pern, and heading east.  As, it turns out they were of some sort of royalty.  I said something I probably should not have, I do not recall what it was, but they took offense to it and left.  There was an Elf princess and two guards, I will show them how to act properly to strangers next time! 

  At this point we did not know what or where the dungeon was exactly.  The fighter and I went to a “nice” tavern to ask about the dungeon.  The others went to a “bad” tavern.  I do not fully know what happened there. You would have to ask them to find out.

    While walking to the tavern a suspicious man came up to me and inquired about the dungeon.  He told me he had a map and to meet him in the ally in one hour.  So I did, but we drew our weapons first.  Sure enough a group circled us.  The fight was on!  The fighter was knocked out quickly, for these thieves were trained and fought well together.  For each time I attacked, they attacked three times!  Have no fear, Soloman came out on top.  They were no match for me, they only hit me once.  So I quickly healed the fighter.  After I did that I teased him a little, I asked him how could he fight that poorly with a magical sword?  Oh, well.

  After heading north of Bik, following the lake, we encountered a man who told us the dungeon was Tasur’s Labs!  We were all excited.  When we got to the dungeon, to get in we had to go into a hole, or a well.  I do not recall much from the dungeon.  In one part of the lab there were statues, and to open the door we had to touch the statues.  One made you lose your sight, one made you lose your hearing abilities, one made you lose your speaking abilities, and one made you lose your ability to have children.  I had to touch one of them. Put it this way, it did not hurt me that much being a cleric in all. 

   As it turns out the only thing that we found was knowledge.  We freed a minotaur, but he died.  We were chased out by a huge mutant thing that I can not even describe.  We also freed some elves and humans, but to my knowledge they all died.  We also discovered one other bit of information, Tasur is still alive!  Urza and I have vowed to kill Tasur one day.  We lost Hercules for a while, after he walked trough a magical painting.  We made it back to Givemea safely.  All in all it was a good adventure.  This is a tale through my eyes as I see the events take place.