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Joe Boxer's Synopsis on 'A Trip to Acirema'.
written by: Jacob Duclos
(gamed played on Thursday, July 3)

My adventure started out when a my friend Urza asked if I wanted to go on an adventure, I said yes and told him that my brother could go too.  We posted a sign in the town square for an extra adventurer, and said meet at 
noon in the bar.  We found an elf magic user, his name is Elfen.  There was a fighter too, it was a girl who called herself Laura.  So that made five of us, and we thought that was perfect for our adventure. 

Me and Urza were talking about a place to go when he mentioned Acirema.  We decided to go down there since a lot of people don't travel those lands, we talked about  how we would get down there, we finally decided that we would teleport  because it doesn't take as long.  We all made it and bought some new horses. 

We were in Bont, and started on with our adventure, we got to Nacour, we  asked for directions and were told to go to Beate.  So we headed out and  arrived at Beate, here we talked to a bartender who said he didn't know  anything about the dungeon we were looking for, so Urza threw a platinum  piece on the counter and the bartender started talking about a dungeon he  had heard some rough looking adventurers talking about.  We got some  directions out of him and decided we should stay here for the night and  found a nice hotel.  We heard some drunks making a little noise but nothing  that worried me. 

The next day before we left we got some iron rations and  some ale so if we found some treasure we could celebrate.  We followed the  screwed up directions and went in pretty much every direction there is, but we finally got there.  We arrived at two very big doors with AD on both  doors and a big X across them both.  We decided to enter, so me and Urza,  being the strongest of the group, opened the doors.  We entered and found a  straight hallway, we went down it and found a gem in the wall, so we told  our group not to touch it, because it could be a trap.  We continued on and  just decided to start opening all of the doors and clear out the dungeon.  We opened a couple of doors and found another gem, behind one door we found  a couple of giant ants, we pretty much stepped on them.  In one of the  corners we saw a couple of bags, we thought that it was to easy, so we  threw some of the ants by the bags and they fell right though the floor.  So we thought Laura should go get them because she is very dexterous.  She tossed them over and we continued on. 

The next room was pretty big, in the distance we some saw some figures kneeling around a table with a box on it.  Me and Urza looked at each other and laughed, this is going to be fun we thought.  We took out our weapons and walked towards the figures.  They noticed us right away and started walking toward us.  We noticed that they were zombies, so we approached each other and slaughtered them.  The first one I killed in one shot, sliced through him, but it got caught in him, so I had a choice, wait and lose a chance to hit, or drop my weapon.  I turned around with out my weapon and dodged a swing from the zombie, as he was regaining control I knocked him a good one right in the chin, and I looked and his head flew right off and landed about ten feet away.  There were no more zombies on me, and I noticed that our magic user was having a little trouble, so I walked over to the one he was on and swung with all of my 
might.  The zombie had no chance because I punched right through him and almost hit Elfen, which could of killed him because I have a Girdle of Storm Giant Strength.  We killed the zombies and walked over to the box. 

Urza, being the brave one, opened the box cautiously, inside we found a Rod.  He handed it to me and I tried my best to read, I finally saw the word Resurrection, so we decide it could be a Rod of Resurrection, which made everyone happier including me noticing that I was the only cleric in the group and could use it the best. 

We went through a couple of doors and found a black liquid, we left it and continued on.  We found a door that had 
a room with different colors and holes in the floor, me and Urza didn't even bother to find out, and continued on.  We entered a room with old pictures that would fall apart when you touched them.  We opened some more doors and found some wine but left it.  In one room I found a secret door that led to four small chests.  I opened two that were explosions, and Urza opened two,  he found a dagger and an explosion.  The dagger was a plain old dagger.  We  found a room with a bag, it really smelled in the room, we opened the bag and it was full of crap.  But there was 150 gp in it.  We kept opening doors until we found a pair of steps going down.  The next thing I remember was 
standing in town with 1150 gp and a Rod of Resurrection.