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Urza's Synopsis on Atad's Domain.
written by: Mike Linnemann
(gamed played on Thursday, July 3)

From the eyes of Urza Van Burace

        I started out my adventure by talking to a close friend called Joe Boxer, that made two for our adventure. He talked to his brother Lytaya Boxer and he joined us also. I posted a sign in the town square saying that all warriors looking for adventure should meet us the following day at Lunch. We found a male half elven mage and a female human fighter. The mage named Elfin and the fighter named Laura. We had our group and five people seemed adequate.
        We checked Givemea's Magic shop for anything new, we didn't find anything but Joe and I bought mood rings for fun.
        Joe and I decided that we've never been to the southern country of Acirema, so we thought dungeon hunting there would be fun. We thought of riding there but it would take so long. I minor setback;  Givemea has a teleporter so we teleported to Bont. From there we bought new horses to
ride to dungeons. We rode from Bont to Nacour and in Nacour we asked for ways to get to any dungeons.  The bartender told us to go down the road and follow that. So we did and showed up in Beate.
        In Beate we asked for more rumors about dungeons in the bar, nothing so we gave the bartender a platinum piece. We learned enough information to find the dungeon, he called it Atad's Domain. So we stayed the night in Beate and during the night we heard some rowdy drunks, that's
it. The following morning we ate breakfast and bought iron rations and some ale. We left Beate to the southeast.
        The road headed south then gradually curved southwest, then north west then north. It curved back down south and curved a little west and then east then dew south. We were entering some foothills not identified on the map of Acirema. Our party stuck to the trail and eventually the trail slowly withered away into some double door that had the letter A with a D to the upper right hand corner of it. The Ad was on both doors about in the middle. Both doors were crossed out with Xs.
        I agreed to open one door and Joe opened the other and we entered
the dungeon of Atad's Domain.
        We entered a twisted hallway and found a gem embedded in the wall. I told the party not to touch it. I said that's way to easy for a gem to be there, it must be trap or a teleporter.
        So we headed west to for the first room and found nothing there. So we continued south and passed another gem and two doors which we said we'd go back to. So we continued south and opened a door at the end of the hallway. We found some giant ants and easily disposed of them.
        After killing the pathetic ants I noticed that in the corner there are four bags with something in them. Some party members edged near the bags. I yelled stop and said, way too easy. There must be a catch. So I threw some dead ant bodies a few feet in front of the trap. As I said, it was trapped. A single trap door was a few feet in front of the bags. Laura being the most dexterous stepped around the trap and picked and threw the bags over to the party. She tiptoed back and we left the room and went North. The party entered the West hallway and continued North until we had to go East in which we did.
        We were back in the main hallway in which we entered the dungeon though. We headed to the Southwest and found nothing the room except for rubble. Our party left this room and entered the main hallway once again. This time we headed East. We opened the East door and found a long hallway with many doors. I entered the North most room.
        Inside this room was some humanoid creatures kneeling around a table. On top of the table was a box. I drew my sword and approached these people. As soon as I did they immediately attacked. Six zombies were easily destroyed. Pretty sad creatures I thought.
        After the battle I looked at the box and opened it from the back so a poison dart wouldn't hit me. It wasn't locked or trapped. Inside the box was a rod. I gave it to Joe Boxer to read, being a fairly strong cleric. He managed to make out that it said something about resurrection. So we found a Rod of Resurrection. That brightened everyone's mood.
        It was getting late so we piled some zombies in front of the two doors. We woke up to some scratching at the West door. So the party was awaken and we moved the zombies out of the way of the door. I agreed to go out first. I found a trail of rat tracks. We laughed and went back to bed.
        The following morning we went threw the South door. We found
nothing in this room.
        We exited that room and into the hall. Across the hall were two rooms. We went into the Northern one first. There was a bag in the corner. I walked up to it and opened it. inside it was horse crap. But there was gold spread through the mess also. So I grabbed the gold and exited
        The next door down had absolutely nothing in it. So we crossed the hall and found some giant ants. Easily slaughtered. After the battle we searched for secret doors and found one. Behind it was a room full of dark unclear water. Nothing here so we left this room and decided as a group to explore the Western side of the dungeon first.
        So we opened all the doors back to the main hallway. From there we headed due South. Inside the first Southern room was a Foyer room. With tapestries on the walls and old faded paintings. We head south again and found a bare room. Pretty obvious that something here was hidden. We looked
for a secret door. Joe Boxer found it and opened it.
        Inside the secret room were four chests. Joe opened two and so did I. I found a small dagger and an explosion in the other. Joe discovered two explosions. Discouraged we left the room to the North and continued into the Foyer Room.
        In the Foyer room we decided to go Southwest and found a hallway. In the hallway were five doors including the one we entered through.
        We entered the first hallway door and found nothing and that two doors were lead into this room. We exited the other door back into the hallway.
        The next door down was a stairway leading down for 30 feet. Back to the hallway we went and entered the bottom door and found a wine cellar I told the group to not touch the wine, it might be poisonous. So we followed a hallway stretching out of the room leading North. We headed back to the main hallway and entered a room we missed. It was a stairway leading up for 20 feet.
        The next thing I remember is being home in Givemea with  all of our possessions in hand. We identify our gems and Rod and found out that it was a Rod of Resurrection and we got 1150 gold.

This was a synopsis through the eyes of Urza Van Burace. You may believe if you wish but it did happen.