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Joe Boxer's Synopsis on 'The Confused Wizard Appears'.
written by: Jacob Duclos
(gamed played on Thursday, July 31)

       This is my synopsis when we first found the Confused Wizard, not sure when 
the date was, but Jeremy, Nick, Mike, Andy, and me were with.

        My adventure started off when I was talking to my good friend Urza, and we 
thought we should visit Acirema again.  We both knew a couple of good 
adventurer's that we could bring along, and I remembered about a level one 
fighter I have played with before.  So we went and told the people about our 
adventure to Acirema, and they wanted to come with.

        We went over to the nearest teleporting station and teleported to Acirema. 
When we got there, we bought some new horses because it is cheaper.  We made 
sure everyone had iron rations and everyone was with us.  The four other 
adventurers' that were with me were Bob, a level 5 cleric.  Urza, a level 4 
fighter.  Derick, a level 4 fighter.  Herc, a level 1 fighter.  Joe, a level 
4 cleric, and this is me.

        We talked to the bartender that was there last time, and he gave us the 
directions again.  So we headed out on our adventure.  The first day we came 
to the fork in the road.  We ate supper here and continued on to the left, 
Urza and I were not sure which way it was.  We took the trail until we got 
to a swamp, I said to Urza that I did not like this at all, and we should go 
back to the fork and camp there.  He agreed and we went back.

The shifts were Bob and Derick, then Herc and I, and then Urza.  We flew by 
the first two shifts with nothing at all, and then the third shift we got 
hit big.  Luckily, Urza was drinking a lot of coffee or something because he 
wasn't even tired.  He saw them right away.  He woke me up immediately, and 
we waited for a little bit.  There were six of them, and they were walking 
down the trail.  We saw that they were humans and woke everyone up just in 
case, we learned this from a past experience we had with some wereboars. 
Everyone was awake and Urza and I were asking them if they had any magical 
weapons, they said they might.  Then they made a smart comment about that 
they were looking for magical items and they were going to take ours.  You 
never tell a man with a girdle of storm giant strength this.  So urza and I 
took care of it.

We knew that we had curses now, so the next morning, we headed straight to 
town.  The last time this happened to me I had to pay 1,500 gold for the 
cure, but now for some reason we needed 6,000 each, and we did not have 
this.  We sat there confused thinking of ways we could get some money.  We 
figured that the least we were going to need would be 12,000 to 18,000. 
Because Urza and Bob were hurt the most in the battle, they needed it the 
most.  I was hit for 8 damage, and Derick was hit for 6 damage.  The other 
person that really needed it was Herc, but he was level 1 and I wasn't 
worried.  So we didn't have enough gold, and we were in trouble.  So I told 
Urza that the only way to pay for this is to sell the Rod of Resurrection we 
found the game before.  We thought about and finally agreed that we had no 
other choice.  I got 10,200 for it, which made me mad, it was worth at least 
30,000, but we needed the money.  So we went back and found out that only 2 
people needed it, and this information would have been helpful earlier. 
Urza and Herc needed it, Urza paid for his own and Herc was broke and of 
course I am the only one with gold, so he comes to me.  I finally gave it to 
him and then we continued on with our adventure.

On our way back to the dungeon we passed some huge snake like creatures that 
looked like mini-dragons or something.  We just kept on going not even 
stopping to look.  That night we had the same shifts, and of course, the 
action was on third shift again.  Mike w

We made it to the dungeon and Urza and I opened the huge doors.  I opened 
one of the doors on our way and a claw came out and almost hit me, but I 
closed the door just in time.  Urza and I decided we could kick the door 
down, and then kill the creature behind the door.  As we were kicking it the 
door flew open and Urza and I went falling to the ground.  There we saw a 
gargoyle, and a couple more behind him.  This was the worst battle I have 
ever fought in all of the games I've played.  Urza was the only player with 
a magical weapon, so I sat there hitting mine across the room, until Urza 
got to me.  We couldn't do anything in this battle except take hits while 
Urza killed them one by one.   He finally killed all of them, we got 
everyone as close to their maximum hit points and continued on.

We went to the next door in the room and went down the hall.  There was a 
door that we didn't make it to last time we were here.  Urza walked into the 
room and it was a wish room, now Urza remembering that I don't have an arm, 
wished for a Ring of Regeneration.  After he said that we all waited for 
something to happen, but nothing did.  We looked in the bowl and saw nothing 
at all.  So we continued on with our adventure into the next room.  In that 
room we saw a kobold, which I wanted to beat so bad.  He said that he would 
give us something for some magic, we said screw off, but then Derrick the 
moron took one of our amulets and threw it to him.  So he jumps and goes 
through a trap door we knew about, so I ran and grabbed the bag with the gem 
in it and took off, because the room was caving in for some reason.  We took 
off going down the hall and made it to the main hall.  Here we went to the 
East through a couple of doors and opened a door with like 3 orcs or 
something, we made fun of them and slaughtered them.  

After that, we opened another door, and found some wizard guy, who didn't know what he was doing and who he was.  We gave him some food, he asked were Baltimore was, I told him to go to I94, so he left, we watched him go down the hall, and he looked at a door, and says, "Oh, it's I-94", and walks in.  We go down there to check it out, and see I-94 on the door, so I open it, and see some black stuff with white lines on it.  Some of my party members walk in, and when they look back, they don't see anything.  I can see them, but they can't see me.  So they are standing there, no clue what to do, and a Saber Tooth Tiger comes out and attacks them.  So I am standing there, all by myself in a dungeon, and they are in the 21st Century.  So I do spiritual hammer, and start hitting the tiger, they kill it, and then the confused wizard comes, I throw a rope out to them, and the wizard starts taking it, so I take it 
back, and walk in.  

Then, we are back in Givemea, we identify all the stuff 
we found, and ended our adventure.