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Soloman's Synopsis of a time traveling adventure.
written by Brent Oja
(game played on Satyrday, June 19, 1999)

    I Soloman Pras, a HOLY cleric of Paladin went on an adventure with some very experienced adventurers.  I went with Sven, Rolly, and a few others.  We traveled back in time to Dogrum’s Keep.  Of course this dungeon has been  destroyed, but not in the past. 
    We were sent on a quest to a save a shadu.  As it turns out Major Minor Mage sent us.  This is the man who has polymorphed the bronze dragon. 
    While going to the dungeon we killed a red dragon and some owl bears.  While in the dungeon we talked to Dogrum and found a magical shield, plate male, sword, battle ax, and a cloak of protection.  The shadu was on a trident in the middle of a pit of fire.  THEY had many magical items so it was not that difficult.  We did need to call on Merlin.  Yes, he was alive then too.  While talking to him, Sven told him to watch out for Brutus, and I told him to watch out for Major Minor Mage, and that M.M.M. will polymorph the bronze dragon, who has helped us so many times, in the battle of Clir. 
    We did indeed “free” the shadu, but a curse was put on him so that when he left the pitch fork he would die, and he did.  So, we teleported back to present time and resurrected the shadu.  We found from Merlin that he killed M.M.M., the bronze dragon lives, but Brutus is still living.  So we have some work to do. 
    It is a funny thing time traveling will do funny things to your mind, I feel that I am missing a few things.  This is my tale as I see the events that occur through my own eyes.