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Urza Van Burace's Synopsis
on 'The Vulgar Unicorn'.
written by: Mike Linnemann
(gamed played on Thursday, December 23, 1999)
Through the eyes of Urza Van Burace

        Well, our merry adventure started out of course in our hometown of Givemea, Givemea. I met Mackeli, Atlantis, Tevlin and Tanner at their houses. Atlantis brought along a friend called Nightshade. He was a wizard and obviously inexperienced. These people I have adventured with before so we bought rations and decided to go to The Huts in the "Forest of
        We started traveling when we came upon some grunting in the trees near us. It was a bunch of ogres passing through. They thought they could defeat us, didn't happen. Nightshade put some to sleep and we killed all of them. There were 7 ogres in all, we found 337 gold pieces on all of the
        We kept on traveling to The Huts. We came upon some wolves, we decided not to fight them. It wasn't worth it.

        Finally arriving at the entrance to the "Forest of Blackness" on our second day. It was late but the party decided to go on to The Huts. When we got situated in a single file, some question arrived at whether we should bring my cart along. Finally I brought it anyway.
        After about an hour or two I was surprised by a huge creature called a Otyugh. He had two tentacles and rows upon rows of razor sharp teeth.
        I chopped off one tentacles during battle and then the other and finally defeated it. We noticed that there was something on his teeth. Mackeli thought it was a disease, it was. So he cured me.
        It takes a full day to get to The Huts and we were about an hour and a half in. So we thought, might as well head back out to the entrance and sleep out there.
        Well we found 17 gnolls traveling along the road. We taught them a hard lessen in fighting. Meanwhile a caravan of some families was heading towards us in the other direction. Mackeli told them to go in the other direction.
        After vanquishing all the gnolls we received 114 electrum pieces.
        Shanika Banika lost one of his legs in battle so we had to go back to Clir. Night shade also perished in the battle. We gathered our belongings and left for Clir.

        We arrived in Clir at about 9:00 p.m. We tried to get into the church but the night worker wouldn't let us in.
        So what did I do? I went to the lowest bar in Clir. Called the Vulgar Unicorn. I walked in with Tevlin. Everyone gave us a seedy look. I went to the bar and asked for something to drink. The bartender asked what and I said strong ale. The bartender said the bill was two gold pieces. I
paid and everyone thought I was rich. So one of the so called "leaders". Came to me and asked why and what I was doing there. I tried to explain myself, but he was interested in my money and belongings. I said no and Tevlin had a dagger at his throat in a second.
        He asked for my gold and magic. I gave him my gold. I put my sword on the ground. Two thugs grabbed me by the biceps, dumb idea. I elbowed both of them in the gut and punched the person who wanted my money in the face and broke his neck.
        This is where the brawl broke loose. Tevlin's throat was sliced. I went into a rage and killed 7 people with my fists. Knocked out 20, and injured 6 more. Then they knocked me out.

        I remember waking up and being roped to the bar. All my armor and possessions were off of me. I smelled and felt like totally drenched in alcohol. I was.
        A person was above me smoking a cigarette, it looked like the person who I broke his neck.
        He gave me a preposition, the person who had the broken neck was apparently this man's brother. He was very happy, he got the family business and he was happy that I killed his loyal servants also.
        He'd let me loose if I promised to make an "alliance" with him. I agreed. He gave me my armor and anything non magical back to me. Even I rope I was tied to the bar from, that was my rope.

        I got a pair of potions to heal myself. I left and took Tevlin's body. Outside the bar I met Tanner and heard Mackeli and Shanika in a few alleyways down.
        We went to the Inn and slept.
        The next morning we went to the church. They wouldn't take Shanika's ring for a regeneration.
        So we went to the magic shop and sold the ring. Back to the church we went I gave 1,000 gp. to Shanika. He regenerated his leg.
        After that I went to a weapon smith. I bought a specially made two-handed sword that was made out of mithril and had a dragon on it. I told him to send it to Givemea, Givemea. He said he will.

<>        Then I went back to the Vulgar Unicorn. I saw some Constables. I explained what happened. They brought me to jail. I was sitting in there a while until some guards brought me to the mayor.
        The mayor recognized me from the red dragon I killed with some other adventures. (Another story in itself, but save that for another day)   The mayor would let me go because he did think that killing those thugs. But I killed them, so he let me off and said not to come back to Clir in a while.
        And that concludes my "fun" adventure to The Huts and Clir.