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Urza Van Burace's Synopsis on
'The Rescue Of Solomon'.
written by: Mike Linnemann
(gamed played on Saturday, November 27, 1999)

        Well our merry adventure started in Givemea, our hometown. We all meet together, even a few people I didn't' know. From my standpoint I knew Joe Boxer, Poseidon (his last name escapes me), and Derick Stormbringer. We also had a cleric named Kari Ares nicknamed "Tigre", a dual classed adventurer named Ake, a dwarf named Potty Mouth, and Solomon Pras' cousin Omar Pras.

        Having Solomon Pras kidnapped, we had to get him back from "Gary". We received notes that said we owed $20,000 and needed to go to Koegdun in Minta to personally hand him the money.  So Ake had the most money and offered to pay for the ransom. He went to the best jeweler and bought five $5,000 diamonds and a portable hole. So he had our money and we were off to save Solomon.

        Now we had to get to Koegdun. We realized in the notes that it said he had a week to live, so we left pretty hastily. The transporter would be the quickest way. So we all paid for each other and walked in. Potty Mouth didn't make it. He became a jelly on the Koegdun teleporter. As we were leaving the transport in Koegdun, we found a small dwarf named Chunk. So we had eight adventurers in Koegdun.

        A minotaur wearing strange robes came up to us and asked us if we wanted to see Gary. We agreed and off we went into Koegdun. We went at least 30 different directions before we hit Gary's "home". Even though it looked like a cube fortress.

        As we waited the minotaur knocked and a short, old minotaur came out and asked us if we had the loot for Gary and we said yes. He wanted to see it but Ake said that he could only see it. He went back inside and we were stuck outside. The guards by the way that were guarding the keep looked at us suspiciously. We told them that if we got in the keep that we'd pay them 1,000 gold pieces. They knocked quickly and we let in. Ake said he'd only give them 500 gold and give the rest when we get back out safely. They didn't agree at all, meanwhile our entire party seems to be getting hotter in the keep. The temperature was rising really rapidly. It was about 110 degrees when Ake finally gave them their money. We were told by the old minotaur to stay in a straight line to Gary.

        Well we agreed to this and opened the first door and found a statue in the middle of the room. It was a flesh thing. It of course attacked and sent me sprawling to the wall. He hit pretty hard. Anyone that had magical weapons hit him and he was finally defeated.

        After opening the next door we found a thin (4 foot) hallway and another door at the end of the hallway. I opened that up and it was shut on me quickly. Joe and I decided to kick down the door. It flew into the room, we found 4 manticores there. They threw small darts from their tails at us for a few minutes. After killing them we healed up and opened the next door.

        It was another thin hallway with a door at the end of the hallway and a door on each of the sides right in the middle. I opened the door and looked in. I found tons of minotaurs. I closed the door immediately. Joe and I held the door closed while we discussed what to do. We diverged a plan. The door knob broke and minotaurs and humans fell to the ground. My party backed up into the next room.

        I stood on one side of the door, Joe on the other, Derick in the front forming a semicircle. Ake was behind Derick preparing to cast a lighting bolt. The minotaurs axed down the door and 16 minotaurs started running down the small hall. Derick ducked and Ake let out small lighting bolt. It hit the minotaur hard but it wasn't a critical hit. Derick ducked while 2 minotaurs got shishcabobbed on his sword. I killed one and went down with a hit to the throat. I was saved by Kari and rebounded back up. Between Joe, Derick and me we finally killed the minotaurs. But Chunk died in the battle keeping the minotaurs at bay, she really did help us live. It truly was a hard battle. We healed up and opened up the next door.

        We found that old small minotaur again. He led us to Gary. Our party found out that Gary was a giant green dragon. He had Solomon.

        We walked into the room and found 16 more minotaurs with a hoard of treasure. Gary kept his word and we got Solomon for the money. So we walked out the doors easily and made it to the teleporter not harassed at all.

        We teleported back and that would end my adventure to see Gary the Dragon.

        Until next time this is Urza Van Burace signing out