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Joe Boxer's Synopsis on 'The Rescue Of Solomon'.
written by: Jacob Duclos
(gamed played on Saturday, November 27, 1999)

    Our adventure started off when I got a letter saying that we have to meet Gary in Minta to save Solomon.  Well, Urza and Ake got one too. So we read the notes, and one said that we have to bring 20,000 gold if we want to see our friend alive. Ake, being the rich one, goes and gets 5 gems worth 5,000 each.  In the process, he gets a portable hole too.  

    Well, the note says that we have one week to save Solomon, and it took awhile to get here, so we figure we have about one day to travel over about 400 miles or something like that, we figure about over two weeks to get there on horse. We decide to teleport there, being that it is the quickest.  So we have about 9 guys coming on our little adventure.  It was Ake, Urza, Joe, Omar, Potty, Derrick, and Poseidon.  There was a female cleric that I did not know, and never got around to talking to her.  

    Well anyway, we are teleported to Minta's capitol Kogden.  We all make it through, or we thought we did until we looked and saw a puddle of jelly.  We looked around and saw the Potty was missing; now no one really knew him.  Everyone thought it was pretty funny and just broke out laughing seeing that the poor guy didn't even go on one adventure.  He didn't even use his weapon once.  Well, we are standing there, and a fat female dwarf comes up and puts some of the jelly in a jar. We didn't really care; we just kept on going.  

    When we walked out of the building, we saw tons of minotaurs.  There was about five minotaurs to every one human.  Well, we just kept on going, and everyone was staring at us, then we were stopped by a group of minotaurs, and they told us to follow them.  We saw a big black building, it was huge.  They knocked on the door, and a little minotaur comes out and asks us what we want.  We tell him that we are looking for Gary, and showed him my note.  He wanted to see the gems, but we didn't want to give them to him, afraid he might take them. Then the little guy goes back in, and I notice that the fat female dwarf is still following us.  Didn't bother me much, just couldn't figure out why he would follow people he didn't even know?  Well, we told the minotaurs that if they could get us in, we would give them 1000 gold pieces.  They ran up to the door, and knocked on it.  We got in, but we didn't want to pay them, so the little guy turns something on that makes it really hot.  We are standing there, it finally hit about 110 and we finally paid them.  

    The little guy told us to just go straight, and don't go anywhere else or we would never make it out alive.  So we start walking, we open the first door, and we see a statue with flesh hanging off of it.  Urza goes up to it, but the flesh golem nails him to the wall.  Then Derrick attacks it, but doesn't do much, and then gets knocked down to the ground.  I walk up to it, and nail it a good one.  He gets one shot at me, but hardly touches me.  My final shot, I wasted the sucker, and he goes falling to the ground. 

    Thinking the battle is over; I start putting my weapon away.  The thing stands up, unharmed by my weapon, I realize I can't do anything, so I back off and let Urza do it.  He and Derrick finish it.  

    When it was killed, we hear a click across the room and see a door.  We walk up to it and open it, another hallway.  We go and open up the door at the end.  When we open it, something closes it.  Urza and I look at each other.  I say, "You think so do ya, huh."  Urza and I walk up to the door, and kick as hard as we can. 

    The door goes flying, and darts come flying right back at us.  We block them with our shield, and start running to establish an attack.  I take out mine out with the help of a female cleric who strikes it right after me and sends it to the ground killing it.  I thank him and run to the next one to help out my fellow friend Urza.  We take it out no problem.  The manticores put up a good fight, but we took them out.  We thought that there couldn't be anything worse that could possibly happen.  

    We were wrong.

    In the next room, Urza opens the door, and we see tons of minotaurs.  We close the door and I keep it shut while we get any spells we have to get off before they come.  Then we come up with plan to lead them into the next room and take them out while they are coming out of the hallway.  So we go into the next room while they are trying to get the door open.  We set up for the attack and they come running down the hallway.  Ake casts a lightning bolt at them and hardly does anything.  Two of them come into the room; one trips and lands on Derrick's sword while he is lying on the ground to dodge the lightning bolt.  I hit one really good, and it lands on Derrick's sword killing it.  We start taking them out one by one, as fast as we can.  

    About half way through the battle, the female dwarf that followed up, gets hit and is now in a million pieces, it was not a good sight.  I didn't let it bother me too much.  We finally finish the battle after Urza and I take out the last one.  I had to punch the sucker to death, but his last hit took me down.  I felt pretty good knowing that I took out six minotaurs by myself. 

    We go into the next room, we decided that we should sleep here before continuing on.  Then, the little minotaur opens a door and says to follow him.  We do and come into a room filled with treasure.  On a big pile of gold sits a green dragon.  The three inexperienced guys start to run away, but Urza and I grab them before they could go anywhere.  We see Solomon sitting in a chair.  We give the gems to the dragon, and in return we got Solomon.  The dragon says that we will pass through the building unharmed. 
We teleport back home, we all make it back safely.  That was the end of our big adventure.