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Poseidon Feroce's Synopsis on
'The Rescue Of Solomon'.
written by: Enrico Meyer
(gamed played on Saturday, November 27, 1999)

   As you all know, Solomon had been kidnapped.  I was called on by my friends Urza and Joe.  I quickly came to their need.  Also along on this little adventure was Ake, a cleric, Pótty Mouth, a fighter, Omar Pras, a cleric and also Solomon's brother, and me, Poseidon Feroce, a fighter.  We were about to go on quest when we received a message from Derek.  He also wanted to go.  We decided to include the fighter.  Omar’s friend also went with.  He was a fighter, but I do not recall his name. 

   Anyway, before we were about to go, Omar received a note saying something along the lines of that if we wanted Solomon back, we had to bring $20,000 to Gary in Kocgdom, within a week.  Also in the note was a fingernail.  As we were about to leave again, Urza received a note saying these exact words “their not giving me much time.”  At this point, I was a little worried. 

   Urza noticed that Kocgdom was located in Minta.  Now I was begging to get worried.  We were about to save our friend who was in the capital of Minta, where almost the whole population is Minotaur.  But, I decided to put my fears away and go. 

   Ake decided to go around to some jewelry shops and get diamonds instead of gold.  Not any of the shops and diamonds even worth 5,000 gold.  One shop was left, the richest in all of Givemea.  As we approached the shop, we found four guards standing guard.  They only let Ake in.  So my friends and I talked about how to get to Minta and what supplies we'll need.  Finally, Ake came out with a grin.  We asked him what happened.  We found out he just got a portable black hole. 

   We decided to go to Minta by transportation.  The guy there was a really pain in the butt.  He charged us double for going to Minta.   Luckily, Ake convinced him to give us a 10% discount.  We piled all of our stuff in the portable hole so it would cost even less.  Then we got teleported.  As I got out of the teleporter, I noticed something that looked like jelly in it.  Our friend, the dwarf didn’t make it.  We had a 97% chance of making it, but the dwarf didn’t.  As we got out, the Minotaurs were staring at us.  One of them, who was wearing an emblem, came up to us and asked us what we were doing here.  We told him we were looking for Gary.  He got this look on his face and told us to follow him. 

   As we were following him and his buddys we suddenly came upon this great big building, with a lot of guards.  The head guy knocked on the door and this little minotaur came out.  He asked us what we were doing here.  Ake told him about that we were looking for Gary.   The little minotaur wanted to see the money.  We didn’t show it to him because we were afraid that he would steal it.  Ake and the little minotaur argued about this for quite some time.  Ake finally convinced the guards to get us in the building for 1000 gold pieces.  We got in, but the guards wanted their money.  Ake said no.  The ceiling started to glow.  It was beginning to get hot.  Right about the point were I was ready to take off my armor, Ake gave him the money.   The little minotaur told us just to go strait and not go into any of the doors otherwise we would never return.

   We started out down a hallway.  Then we entered a room.  As we entered we looked at something that resembled a statue with skin.  Urza went up to it.  The thing started to attack.  Urza smacked it pretty good, but then the thing hit him across the room.  Derek also hit it, but the thing did the same thing to him.  Joe finally knocked it to the ground.  We thought it was dead.  The sucker got back up.  We needed magical items to kill it.  So, Derek and Urza killed the flesh thing.  After they killed it, we heard a click. The door was open.

   We walked down the hallway and opened the next door, but something shut it.  Joe and Urza smacked the door down and spiked objects came at them.  We charged in on the manticores.  I was able to kill a few of them.  We finished them off quickly.  Again, we heard a click.  We took some potions and were back up. 

   As we went into the next room, we found sixteen minotaurs.  This is a little scary.  But we devised a plan.  We went into the room with the manticores.  This way, only a minotaur at a time could come in.  The minotaurs came in.  Ake cast a very weak lightning bolt.  Both Joe and Urza hit it and it fell on Derek while he was ducking under the lightning bolt.  The minotaur fell on the sword.  The same thing happened with the second one.  The little dwarf that was following us got sliced into two halves, but I really didn’t care, just a useless dwarf, what can I say.  Well, just as I killed one of them,  I took a swing at the other one and then everything turned black. 

   I awoke to find a whole bunch of minotaurs on the ground.  They actually killed all of them.  Omar was also bragging how he saved my life.  Anyways, we decided to get some sleep.  Just as we were about to, the little minotaur comes in and tells us to follow him.  We did.  As we were walking through the door, I saw a whole bunch of gold and a green dragon.  I was scared, but didn’t run away.  Three little guys did though.  Urza and Joe stopped them.  The dragon’s name was Gary.  He must of thought that we were going to steal all his stuff because suddenly, 16 minotaurs came out from the walls.  We made the exchange.  Solomon had some words to say, but nobody really cared what the “HOLY CLERIC” had to say.  Solomon thought he could kill Gary. 

   Continueing on, Gary said we would have a safe escort back to the transporter.  We transported back home and that was the end of our adventure.