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Poseidon's Synopsis on 'The Versal Ruins'.
written by: Enrico Meyer
(gamed played on Saturday, November 13, 1999)

   I, Poseidon Feroce, was once again in need for an adventure.  So I went with two of my friends and two other high level people.  I knew Derek and Mackeli.  But I didn't know Rolly and Ake.  They were very powerful people, both level seven.  Rolly being a fighter and Ake a magic user/cleric.  We didn't know exactly were we were going to go.  Mackeli was in the bar and heard some rumors of a town called Cacola.  We decided to go there.

   When we were there, we asked if anybody knew of a dungeon near by.  A lot of people heard of it and said there was one person who knew about.  We immediately searched for the man who knew about the dungeon.  His name was Tanius.  We found Tanius at the blacksmith.  He looked skinny and wimpy to me.  Rolly started asking where Tanius was.  The boy said he didn't know.  But the wise Mackeli knew the boy was Tanius.   The boy confessed who he really was.  Rolly asked him if he knew anything about the dungeon.  He said there were vampires, ghost's and zombies.  I was a little afraid of these things.  We asked them if he would take us there for 100 gold pieces.  He said yes and to meet him at the blacksmith shop at dawn of next morning.  As we walked away, we found out there was an election for the mayor to be held.  Rolly wanted to run, but wasn't a member of the town.  

   The next day, we started off to the dungeon.  When we got to a forest, Tanius asked us if we wanted to take the trail or not.  Of course we said take the trail.  Nothing happened at all to us that day until nightfall came.  Just as we crossed a bridge over a river, we could hear a horrible noise.  Turned out it was ogres singing campfire songs.  Ake decided to have some fun with them.  He went over the hill to were they were.  As we were waiting around, there was suddenly a lot of flames shooting just over the hill.  We realized that Ake sent a lightning bolt at their fire.  The battle was very easy for us.  After that, we heard some noises.  It turned out to be some blink dogs.  They told us that there were many bad noises from the cave. 

   We then decided to go into the cave.  We walked in and came up to a door.  We opened it into a dungeon.  We walked around for a while.  I was getting a little bored.  As we were rounding a corner, we found our friend Bob.  He had gone in there before. 

   We then came upon a room.  It had two coffins, and the floor was actually ground.  Ake told me to stay out of the room.  I went out.  Suddenly I heard noises.  They then all disappeared.  I went into the room and found a bunch of zombies dead.  We went across the hall and found a door with a seven dragon head on it.  We opened it only to find a lot of gargoyles.  I ran as fast as I could.  Three of them caught up to me and trampled me.  Suddenly every thing was black.  I awoke to see my friends surrounding me.  They had healed me.  They had also found a bit of treasure.  We walked around a bit more.  I started to notice my ear was bleeding.  I scratched it a lot.  Then a bugs were coming out.  Mackeli cast cure disease on me and the pain was gone.  We went on some more.  We came into a room with ten minotaurs in it.  Right when we got inside, a light started coming towards us.  We didn't know what to do.  Ake said stay back.  We did until the light went away.  We went inside.  Nothing was there.  We decided to go back.

   On the way back,  we ran into 200 hob-goblins.  They were not that hard to beat.  As I was fighting them, I suddenly looked towards the river.  It turned to gold.  I went to it, but Rolly stopped me.  It turned out that Ake was only casting a spell.    After we beat the Goblins, we saw a lot of people running.  There was a purple worm.  Derek, Bob and I ran away.  As we were running, we decided to go back and kill it.  Just as we got there, the purple worm fell.  Ake and Mackeli killed it.  

   Mackeli found a worm hole nearby and went in it  with his flying broom.  Derek, Bob, Ake, Rolly and I stayed near the hole.  Hours were passing by.  More and more people were coming to see what we were looking at.  After four hours had gone by, we decided to get out of there.  We camped about a mile away.  

<>   The next morning, we went to Givemea.  After an hour in the bar, we found our friend Mackeli.  He told us his story.  But, that is another tale.  Ask Mackeli about it sometime.   All in all it was a good adventure.  I gained enough experience to get to third level and get a little gold.