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Solomon's Synopsis on a 'Solomon's Kidnapping'
written by Brent Oja
(game played on November 23, 1999)

   I, Solomon Pras, a holy cleric of the great Paladin (Yes, Steve I learned my lesson.) decided to go on an adventure to the Huts.  I went with Joe Boxer, Lytle Boxer, Ake Each ( a truly HOLY cleric of Paladin) and Rolly Polly.  Well, believe you me, what an adventure! 

   On the first day we traveled to Clir.  Along the way we were attacked by six anhkheg’s!  Now do not fear. Solomon sent a few of them to the abyss, and the group was not harmed greatly.  We found a place to camp for the night, but we were attacked by eight carnivorous apes while we were setting up camp.  They did do significant damage to some of us, but we managed to kill the beasts. 

   During the second day we were attacked by 3 black bears.  We killed them easily!  When we reached Clir we went around the town looking for bars to rest at.  I went with Ake to a “good” bar, were I was chased out by a mad woman!  Oh, well!  I understand that the others got into a significant bar brawl. Now if you ask me, a “good” perfect of Paladin would not go around starting fights for the sake of fighting, no matter what your strength is!  But anyway they made it out OK. 

   The next day we set out for the Huts.  When we reached the entrance for the Black Forest we decided to camp a mile or so north of the entrance.  That night we were surprised by seventeen ogres!  Thanks to Ake’s spell, phantasmal force, we survived.  I killed 3 of the dreaded ogres!  After we finished healing ourselves, about sixty goblins came to our camp!  After seeing the bloody mess we had with the ogres, they left immediately!

   About three fourths of the way to the Huts six worges attacked us.  During the battle I had a really bad swing at the worg with my magical flail and I lost my grip on the weapon and it went sailing into the Dark Forest!  After I finished off the worg I asked Joe if he would go with me into the forest so I could retrieve the flail.  He said sure, so after the battle was finished I went into the forest thinking Joe was right behind me, and all of the sudden there was thump sound...